Project Lumina is the 3rd free additional character of the 2D fighting game Melty Blood: Type Lumina for PS4/Nintendo Switch/Xbox One/Steam. Was released.

MELTY BLOOD is a 2D fighting game based on the world view of the legendary visual novel Tsukihime. This work is the latest in the series, and various characters will battle with a powerful battle based on the remake version Tsukihime-A Piece of Blue Glass Moon-.

Neko Ark will also appear with the free additional character Mash Crielite in the free large update scheduled to be held on August 19. This time, in addition to the battle style of Neko Ark, two match moves have been released.

◆ Introducing the battle style of Neko Ark!

■ Neko Ark Battle Trailer

■ Features in battle

A comical trickster that disturbs the field with a technique that depends on luck

Nekoalk is a unique character that uses many types of tricky techniques and disturbs the field with random techniques. Good luck grasps the key to the game, and if you are lucky, you will play powerful skills, and helpers may appear! The response to the situation that changes rapidly is required by the other person and themselves.


The reach is short, and it is necessary to devise a device to hit the opponent, but it is powerful to play a number of games in a lively field, such as attacks by many cats and helpers. Please pay attention to comical skills that have more stories than past works!

■ Cat Packet 2022

Cat Packet 2022 is a technique that is greatly affected by luck, with many effects activated randomly.

The A version launches a variety of apps, calls cats, ordering a magic circuit, food that has a physical strength recovery effect, and launching a smartphone game to summon. If you are lucky, Saber will release Excalibur according to the summon! In rare cases, the battle screen is also jacked by Neko Ark’s distribution Gleeca Channel! ? Magic circuit and physical strength will recover with items that Nekoalk throws and viewers!

In the B version, if you call and call a helper randomly, cats taking various actions and Eco-Ark will rush to support! Fortunately, there is a lucky E to EX rank, and various effects will be activated, so let’s fight while responding well in situations that are difficult to predict!

■ Yomo Return Cat RR (Double Returns)

Because Nekoalk has a short reach, it is basically a basis that makes a gap for the opponent using positive, surprise attacks, and trouble. Yomo Return Cat RR (Double Returns) is effective for the sunshine. It is a technique to dive into the ground and warp to a specific position, and two dummy cats also appear, so you can confuse your opponent! In addition, the two dummies that appear sometimes take attack behavior.

■ Masa Beam

The Shin Beam fires a beam that reaches the end of the field. It is also possible for opponents who are careless in the distance to eat unexpectedly, and it is also powerful as a skill. In addition, the EX version is easy to use to end the continuous technique because it has a long reach and has a wide range of attacks.

■ I want to go to the crocodile garden

I want to go to the crocodile garden is a technique that is easy to incorporate into continuous tricks in the air that rushes like a rocket in the air. As an additional technique, you can change the direction up, down, left and right, and you can also jump up after the additional technique upward. An irregular movement is possible and is also effective as a surprise attack.

■ Blowback edge version Abadon Flare

There are many other techniques that have an irregular movement, and in the blowback edge version of Abadon Flare, firing a beam that runs a wide area of the screen quickly, or throwing a blowback edge. At the attack, you can fight with a variety of attacks, such as swinging your arms once after throwing, and moving forward.

■ Ark Drive Promised Air Sword

When the promised air sword (excava baroon) bursts, a large number of cats appear from inside! It is a super-powerful special technique in which Neko Ark, which has no endless weight, falls in front of the cat, and the cats are drooling and damaging them.

Because the attack judgment is large, the damage can be greatly increased by incorporating it into a continuous technique from the floating state! In addition, since invincible state is also granted, it is also effective as a counterattack at the timing attacked from the air.

■ Ark Drive Nyatsu Roll / TL

This is a super-powerful special move that is a second arc drive of Neko Ark, and rushes around and involves the opponent and attacks.

With a invincible state, it is powerful as a surprise attack, so it is possible to forcibly break the guard by interlacing the opponent’s guard when the opponent’s guard is hard. It is also effective as a counterattack with a momentary gap in a situation where the opponent is cornered.

■ Last Ark Angolmore Hammer

When Nekoalk gets on the rocket and departs in space, it is the largest specially special technique in which a giant cat can flies to the earth and explodes the earth.

It can be activated by the success of the magic circuit or a successful shield during the Blood Heat. Forcibly open at the timing of being attacked by the opponent and is attacked, and aim for a reversal!

■ How to fight by situation

For a type of opponent who is good at long distances, let’s aim for the moment when the other party’s gap comes to call a lot of helpers, such as cat packet 2022 and Abadon Force, which summons cats who take attack behavior. ! However, some cats fall asleep without fighting, and the activation effect depends on luck, so it is important to activate a lot of skills anyway.

If the other party’s attention is deviated into a cat or helper summoned, the unexpected Moon skill Yomusen Return Cat RR (Double Returns) is powerful. Go to the ground, jump out of your opponent’s feet quickly and launch an attack!

Fill the screen with cats and get confused by your opponent!

For those who are good at short distances, summon cats and helpers with cat packet 2022 or Abadon Force to hinder the opponent’s actions.

As a ken system, it is powerful because the Moon skill Masu Beam can quickly put out a beam that reaches a long distance. In addition, as a fighting technique in the air, I want to go to Torien, which flies a circular magical lump, is also a technique that can easily interfere with the opponent’s actions.

Attack at your own pace without allowing the opponent approach by a helper and fighting!

If the opponent is attacked to a short range, aim for a counterattack with the B / EX version of cat-repetition side jump or arc drive as an attack with a invincible state. Cat repetition side jump is a technique that sets up the opponent continuously while moving quickly to the left and right, and is easy to incorporate into continuous techniques. In the EX version, you can see a special production that causes a cat photosalization phenomenon when you hit the opponent! (There is no change in the character performance in the battle)

◆ Two movies of Neko Ark vs Yuma-Ko are released!

On the official YouTube channel [Official] TYPE-MOON GAMES, two competition movies in which Nekoalk and Arima-Ochi fight were released. In addition to checking a number of unique techniques of Neko Ark, it is also a reference such as getting around with the infighter. Please check with the detailed information of the technique mentioned above.

Neko Ark will be added with a free large update scheduled to be held on August 19. Anyone can use it for free.