Tower of Fantasy is a game in which you will have to get a lot of resources and currency if you want to prosper. You will easily receive many of them during your adventures, but some require special attention. This is especially true for the resources necessary for the fuckers, which are called special orders in TOF. You will use many of these currencies to get the most powerful weapon and SSR characters.

All currencies in Tower of Fantasy, explanation

Here is a list of all currencies used in Tower of Fantasy. Thus, you will know what they are doing and how to get them. Use them wisely, as it is always reasonable to have a currency reserve just in case. You never know when you need them. If you are ready to spend a little real money, it will be much easier for you to get rich in the game.

Gold in Tower of Fantasy

  • Gold is one of the main currencies in Tower of Fantasy.
  • You can get gold for every success in the game (opening of chests, quests, daily awards, etc.).

Dark Crystals in Tower of Fantasy

  • Dark crystals are an important currency, as you can use them to buy almost everything in TOF.
  • You can get Dark Crystals, defeating the bosses, exploring the Earth, performing quests and generally achieving success in the game.

Core in Tower of Fantasy

Red Nucleus

This currency is mainly used to obtain strong weapons. You can get the Red Nucleus, exploring the world of Tower of Fantasy, as well as in the in-game store, performing quests, earning achievements, etc.

Black Nucleus

  • Of all the nuclei, it is easiest to find black. You can get Black Nucleus in supply capsules, dandelions, resin pit, etc.

Golden Nucleus

  • One of the most important currencies, since it is directly related to special orders. You can get them by studying, buying for dark crystals, golden supplies, solving the puzzle of Chau-Chau, etc.

Tanium in Tower of Fantasy

  • Tanium is a premium currency for obtaining dark crystals, daily supply boxes and limited gift sets.
  • To get Tanium at Tower of Fantasy, you will have to reach for a wallet, since it cannot be obtained for free, except in the form of gifts from developers.


Training point in Tower of Fantasy

  • Learning glasses are used to buy things in a point of glasses.
  • Searching and using training stations in Tower of Fantasy is the best way to get training glasses.

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