The Spider-Man universe is expanding thanks to Sony , since in recent years they have released films such as Venom 1 and 2, as well as the most recent based on Morbius . And now, one that is in everyone’s eyes is Madame Web, tape that is gradually freeing the characters that will appear to delight Marvel fans.

On this occasion, it is confirmed that the actress Sydney Sweeney will interpret neither more nor less than Julia Carpenter, for those not aware, is the second Spider-Woman , as well as the second Madame Web* * In original comics. Thus we could assume that Jessica Drew, The first spider girl would be interpreted by Emma Roberts ** as she had already rumored.

It is worth mentioning that Sydney has become a recognized actress thanks to her participation in Euphoria , HBO Max series that has been one of the greatest successes on the platform. From the second season she is given a greater prominence, which is why she has now proposed several projects, including this type of Marvel adaptations.

For now, the story you will have Madame Web will not have been confirmed, as if it will have any type of connection with the Spider-Man of Tom Holland and the cinematographic universe of Marvel . Sony has mentioned that they want to forge their own lore of the arachnid character, but there is nothing clear about the hero’s participation.

The film premieres on October 6, 2023 **.