The Two Point campus offers 14 courses. With such a wide selection of courses, it is quite possible to get lost. To help with this, this Two Point campus guide will explain everything about the virtual normality course. The course virtual normality is primarily a course based on virtual reality, which focuses on the fact that students delve into the metavselnaya, to determine whether the virtual reality is more interesting than our own.

Virtual normality is the second course available in the Two Point campus. The Virtual Normality Course becomes available as Freshleigh Meadows passes. In fact, it is unlocked in the Freshleigh Meadows learning section.

Virtual normality requirements

The virtual normality course costs 30 points and is designed for three years with an average level of complexity. The rate usually costs $ 7,500 for training.

Before the students of your campus will be able to sign up for the Virtual Normality course in 2 Point Campus, you need to fulfill the following requirements.

* Laboratory of virtual reality
* Lecture hall
* Qualified virtual normality teacher

To begin with, you will need a teacher with the qualification of Virtual Normaly, who will lead the course. When you unlock this course, you will have a working lecture hall, but you will need to create it for VR Lab. However, keep in mind that the virtual reality laboratory is the most expensive at the beginning of the game and costs $ 30,000. Even before you start talking with a student, you will spend about $ 100,000.

When it comes to employees, some of them will be cheaper than others because of their abilities, so there is a chance for modest savings. Nevertheless, it is worth paying extra to increase the academic performance of your students, thereby improving the reputation of your campus.

virtual classes of normality

The following classes are required by Virtual Normality Students in Campus 2 Point every year to obtain higher education.

1 year

Laboratory of virtual reality

Two classes and lectures during the first year will require students to use VR Lab: see and believe: not the same and also journey, then fall: health and safety in virtual reality.

Lecture hall

The third accessible class, fake against the present: what is the difference during the first year takes place in the lecture theater.

2nd year

Laboratory of virtual reality

The second year you again watch two lectures at VR Lab; I am awake: conscious dreams Near conquering of the virtual world.

Lecture hall

The third class of the 2nd year of virtual normality takes place in the lecture hall. Students will do if this is not real, it will not harm you lessons.

3rd year

Laboratory of virtual reality

Again for the third year you are watching two lectures at VR Lab; We make things blue: edit reality and also hyperreality: boy, this is real.

Lecture hall

The third affordable class, Who knows: what is real and what is the deal? Through the third year, passes in the lecture theater.

Virtual normality tasks

Here is a list of tasks for a virtual normality course.

Books specialist report
Trete:Virtual normality bookcase

Trete:VR projector