[co-representative Kim Moon Young-soo reporter] Neowiz (co-representative Kim Seung-cheol, Bae Tae-geun) will open the Banggusuk Indie Game Show (Nonix 2022) on the 11th.

The NIEX 2022, which will be held until the 17th, is an online indie game festival that is designed to support the promotion of indie game companies. The online event page allows you to experience various original genres of indie games and check the latest game videos. At 1 pm on the 11th, live broadcasts will be held to introduce game information and videos of all participating works participating in the non-Iks 2022.


In the non-I’m 2022, a total of 185 domestic game developers and 30 overseas indie games will participate. In particular, the BIGS Award will be held, which selects excellent games among participating works. The total prize money is 16 million won, and the judges evaluation and the votes of the visitors are summed up, and the top 3 (Ze Rank Challenge Seoul Award), the top 2 in the unpaid category, the special award of the Metavus, the Judges Award, the Encouragement Prize, and the Popularity Award. Select 12 games in the dog category.

There will also be an event to present prizes for visitors online voting. If you access the homepage during the Nonix 2022 event, vote for a game that suits your tastes, you will be able to upload the certification photo to the event application page.