[anticipated hit Moon Young-soo reporter] Nexon’s anticipated hit 2, which is about to be released this month, predicted the introduction of the feature of moving the character to others. It is noteworthy that many incidents and accidents that have happened during account trading will no longer be held.

According to the game industry on the 8th, Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) introduced ‘Character Gift’, which is the content of Hit 2 on the official YouTube on the 5th. The character gift is literally a function that allows users to present certain characters in a specific character to other users. The company explains that all the ability, such as classes, pets, and collections that belong to the character, will be transferred to a perfect form.

To present a character, you can create a related gift code and password and provide it to your opponent. After entering the gift code, password, and new character name, the transfer is finished. You can present your character with relatively simple procedures. The company plans to provide the function in the first large update since the release of Hit 2.

There is no game equipped with the ability to present characters among the large-scale multi-entertained roles (MMORPGs) in Korea. Hit 2 is the first attempt.

MMORPG users have traded in account units, not their characters. In the case of mobile MMORPGs, there are many cases of registering as an SNS account such as Facebook and Google, and incidents and accidents have occurred, such as leaking personal information or recovering the accounts sold.

As a result, accounts and item transactions are also acts that most game companies are blocking them. Nexon’s Terms of Mobile Service Article 14 (User’s Duty) 3 3 notified that ‘the game item and the game money accumulated in the game ID through the service not provided with the company should not be’ trading or trading with others. have. There are also agreements that are not responsible for all information, including account information exposed due to the user’s fault.

But if you can only present a character that is not an account, this problem can be significantly improved. The possibility of an account fraud will also be blocked as it is transferred only to character information. Even gamers who have encountered the actual heat 2 content introduction video are also detected in general for the character gift.

Nexon said, I wanted to provide the character gifts, such as neglect mode and exchange of exchanges, and I wanted to provide the features that MMORPG users wanted so far, and planned to give a higher freedom environment in the play process.


Meanwhile, Hit 2 will start domestic service on the 25th with MMORPG, which contains the emotion of the original ‘Hit’. It is characterized by the release of the siege, which is the end-contents of the core content and the war between guilds.