On August 4, Mobius and Shannon announced the new horror, Apasy Boys’ School (tentative title) . According to the developer YouTube program broadcast today, it is expected to be released in 2023 for Nintendo Switch.

The Scary Story of Apathy Boys ‘School (tentative title) is a reboot work of a PC adventure game The Scary Story of Boys’ School released in 2010. The setting of the original version is set at the men’s school Sasagaoka Gakuen High School. At this school, it was whispered that it was a training school for spy training during the war and buried money was buried underground, and there are other rumors about the room room. ing.

Moriyama, a freshman at the school, held a strategy meeting for Virgin Graduation in the library of Sasagaoka Gakuen, along with his best friend, Masataka Koeda and Yu Tsuzuki. The three of them discovered a notebook called room search record. Then, Koreeda said that the note was genuine. The story begins from the room in the room and the truth of the incident that four people went missing five years ago.

This work is handled by popular horror game writer Toshiya Iijima. He is a person who worked on the original and scriptwriter in the Scary Story of School released for Super Nintendo. He also develops the Apathy Series that inherits the world view of Scary Story at School. The works of the series have been highly evaluated in the scenes and scenario aspects, and many fans are many fans. This time, as one of the Apathy Series, Scary Story of Boys’ School will be rebooted.

The YouTube program broadcast on August 6th, Finally released Apathy Naru Judge Seven Wonder and New Project-Narukami Gakuen Broadcasting Department- was released for Nintendo Switch on August 4th. It was a broadcast to celebrate the release of Wonder. In addition to his thoughts on the film, he has also revealed the further details of the scary story (tentative title) of Apathy Boys’ School.

According to Iijima, Scary Story (tentative title) of Apathy Boys’ School (tentative title) is expected to be rewrite while based on the original version. The reason is that the original version was vulgar anyway. It seems that the title is likely to be changed. It is said that there was a case such as misunderstood as a BL work for this reason. The scale is about 1 million characters, and the reboot version is officially part of the Apathy Series, and the entanglement with the Narukami Gakuen character is expected to be drawn.

[Update 2022/8/6 23:30]
Added the reasons why the title is being considered

The broadcast also describes the Apathy Nunesi School Seven Wonders currently on sale. It is said that it has been very popular immediately after its release. In addition, this work aimed for a new type of novel game, which is different from Scary Story at School as a reboot work. In addition, Mr. Iijima’s thoughts, such as what he wanted to realize in Shi8 (provisional), which was rigorously evaluated in terms of problems and scenarios, is a form in shape. In addition, it is interesting for Series fans, so check out the above broadcasts.

The Scary Story of Apathy Boys’ School (tentative title) will be released for Nintendo Switch in 2023. In addition, Apathy Narukyuen Seven Wonders is currently on sale for Nintendo Switch.