On the 4th, Perfect World Games released a new promotional video a week before the official launch of the S-Fantasy Open World RPG ‘Tower of Fantasy’.

‘Tower of Fantasy’, which is about to launch mobile and PC on the 11th, is an SF anticipation that is served as a ‘fantasy tower’ abroad. It has a variety of vehicles, such as a personally customized character, a jet pack, and a bike. In addition, the number of pre-bookers exceeded 1 million, proving its interest.

The new promotional video focused on showing what ‘S-FANTASY’ is the difference between ‘Tower of Fantasy’ and showing various charms of the Tower of Fantasy. The first thing you can see is that you can experience the pleasure of fighting the enemy with dynamic and rich action, such as illuminating the overwhelming scale and a differentiated motion that jumps from the earth to the sky. Next, it was a unpredictable story, and as one pioneer, the user showed the process of moving forward by adventure on the Ida planet after the disaster.

In addition, Unreal Engine 4, Cartoon rendering, ‘replica system’ and ‘parameters’ with unique art styles and various characteristics, and ‘style’, and climbing cliffs in the game or skating board in the game He said he had a ‘unique space’ by seeing the ride down the river and the machine hand to reach every corner of the space.


Meanwhile, ‘Tower of Fantasy’, which will be released on the 11th, is preparing for the game release by adding the atmosphere of the SF genre with outdoor advertisements in the city of Gangnam Station and Samsung Station.

More information about ‘Tower of Fantasy’ can be found on the official website.