Some time ago I told you how well I was having with FIFA and Carrera mode. The recipe for this was to go from the big teams, and start playing with a club of the fourth and last English division available, the Sky Bet League 2 . It is no longer that the challenge was older, it is that playing with such a team made FIFA better play when I encourage me to use systems such as eyelet or quarry.

The weeks have spent and I am finishing my first season with the team. Everything is good news: a couple of boys from the quarry have made a hole in the eleven, the free signings have given very well and, most importantly, I won the competition several days before finishing the league. However, it seems that the game does not want me to use Forest Green or any other team of such a low division and are about to throw me ** of the coach’s position.

Neither feet nor head

Maybe the fault is mine for not having set me until almost the end of the season. Despite winning a lot of matches and even getting a rival of a superior division in a cup, my assessment as a coach kept down . I refer to that number that is always present in the upper left corner of the main menu of the race mode.

To investigate this, I went to the trusted tab of the directive, finding a great surprise. The objectives set by the club’s directive have neither feet nor head . In addition to asking me for complex performance, but available to win the League, I am asked to reach the round of 16 of the English Cup.

Not happy with that sports goal completely out of place such as Top 16 in a competition in which all Premier League teams play, there is another even crazier. I am asked to generate a total of 30 million euros in sales … with a team whose players are around 60 on average and that barely go from the million to assess a handful of them.


no matter how the league wins in March

As the end of the season approached, with the ascent more than insured and the title within reach of the fingers, I meet messages the sea of insistent by the board . They urge me to review the seasonal goals to meet them. At the end of the League, these emails came to me after each game, regardless of whether I won, lost or tied.

It is something so basic and that the experience ruins so much, that it is impossible not to look at it little that someone Betatterara the game. FIFA race mode treats your team in a way according to your country, but not your budget or league, causing you to have the feeling that you prefer that you use teams of a certain level .

Although my experience has been satisfactory in the playable plane and some systems have worked even better than with a great in Europe, the reality is that such a small detail can ruin the game and make me ask me things as crazy as: They would have thrown me if I had finished the league with just under 100 points? I don’t want to train with Guardiola’s face, I want to have an experience with at least one pinch of realism.