In As Dusk Falls, players fall in different situations in which the life of the characters depends on the choice they made. Each choice that you make has a unique result in the game and ultimately opens various achievements. One of them includes the achievement of better than the devil you know, and it appears at the beginning of chapter 3. This is how players can unlock this achievement in As Dusk Falls.

is it worth it to inform Sharon about the Page in the Twilight?

At the beginning of chapter 3, players meet a new character named Sharon Holt. She is the mother of the Holt brothers and comes to the Desert Dream motel to save her sons. She meets hostages and offers Vince to save her family. When she asks about sheriff Dante, players can either tell her about the pager or not to do it. This is intersection Solution, and the players who decided to inform Sharon about the pager unlock better than the devil, whom you know achievement.


How to unlock the achievement of the long hand of the law in As Dusk Falls

As an alternative, if you do not tell Sharon about the pager, you unlock Achieved Long Hand of the Law . This choice will ultimately lead the players to the storyline, where they should find a black book for Sheriff Dante. In the same way, closer to the end of chapter 2, players are faced with a situation when Dale takes Vince as a shield outside to meet with the sheriff of Dante. Here Vince notices a sniper, and you can either warn Dale so that he saves his life, or not to do it. By warning it, you open the achievement of Dodged a Bullet. You decide whether to side with a well-known evil or trust an evil sheriff, so make your choice wisely!

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