The Action-RPG makes us follow Adol that wakes up on a cursed island adhering to a shipwreck. The obstacles present on the island are not the only worry of Adol.

Launched initially on PS Vita in 2016, after that on PS4 in 2017, on PC and on Switch in 2018 as well as finally on Stadia in 2021,ys VIII: Larcimosa of Danareturns for a brand-new portage, this time around on PS5. Published by Nis America, this brand-new version will certainly be offered from November 18, 2022.



On the one hand, the gamers can follow Adol, as well as the various other shipwrecked people, in their adventure on the cursed island and also in the building of the town. On the other hand, it will be possible to meet Dana, the mysterious young girl with blue hair that Adol fantasizes, and to discover even more concerning her story.

Qualities of YS VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana