A play video of , the mobile version of , has been released.

On the 14th, Ubisoft released a play video of the alpha version of (hereinafter ) through its official channel. deals with the story of the ‘first agent’, which is the point before in the story. The background of the work is also the same as New York. In addition to the factions such as ‘Cleaner’ and ‘Rikers’ that have already appeared in the PC version, a new enemy faction called ‘Freeman’ will also appear.


Looking at the published gameplay video, seems to be a faithful implementation of the original on mobile. The overall UI, cover play, anti-personnel guidance mines and Sentry Bot skills were the same in many respects as the original.

Of course, there are also some elements that have changed or seem to have been added. According to the production team, a new class will appear. ‘Vanguard’, which appeared as an example, finds the location of the enemy, and ‘Bullwalk’, another class, shows skills such as installing portable bulletproof panels.

The overall length of the situation, such as missions, activities, and enemy encounters, has also been reduced compared to the PC version, allowing users to enjoy the game in shorter units. This seems to be a change considering the mobile environment, where it is difficult to enjoy the game play for a long time on average.

In the item upgrade UI, ‘specialization points’ are invested to enhance accuracy and vertical/horizontal stability. In addition, it seems that there are gun stats such as movement speed, reload speed, and effective range when equipped. In addition, the development team announced on the official Twitter that there is also a PVP mode such as ‘Dark Zone’.

Currently, Ubisoft is recruiting pre-testers through its official website. Users who receive a pre-trial invitation can exchange feedback with the development team in private forums and Discord channels.