Genshin Impact is a fantasy open-world RPG with versions for mobile, PC and consoles. But some PC users have found it difficult to completely uninstall the program from their PC, especially if they are using Genshin Impact Launcher, which is sometimes difficult to uninstall. Here is how to completely uninstall Genshin Impact on PC.


Uninstall Genshin Impact using the Epic Games Launcher.

If you used the Epic Games Launcher, uninstalling Genshin Impact is as simple as downloading the launcher and selecting the Library option on the left hand side. Browse until you find Genshin Impact. Right click on Genshin Impact and scroll down to select Uninstall. A pop-up window will appear asking if you really want to uninstall the game. Select Delete and wait. Genshin Impact will be removed.

Uninstall Genshin Impact using the Windows Control Panel.

If you are using Genshin Impact Launcher, you may need to uninstall the game directly using the Control Panel. To do this, press the Windows Button and * type the letter C to quickly navigate to the control panel. Select Control Panel from the *Programs list. ****

In the upper right corner of the control panel, select Category from the View by menu. The Uninstall a program option will be listed under the Programs category. This will take you to the traditional Uninstall or change a program screen which will list all the programs on your computer and allow you to change and uninstall them. Scroll down until you find Genshin Impact, right click and choose Uninstall. This will completely remove the game from your system.

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