It would be difficult to find a more amazing thriller than the acclaimed mystery of Neo-Nair murder of Christopher Nolan, Memento. Filmed completely the other way around to help viewers get in the place of the film’s protagonist, Leonard Shelby (played by Guy Pearce), who suffers from chronic amnesia, Memento is a disorienting suspense film, but deeply intelligent and original.

But what happens if you are looking for a movie like Memento? Well, to be honest, thanks to its innovative structure, there is no movie _exactly like. Even so, we have created ten that we believe will enjoy if it is in humor for something like memento. So, without further delay, here are the top ten best films such as Memento that we strongly recommend. Let’s immerse ourselves, okay?

The prestige

The 10 best films similar to Memento

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In the first place, we have the fifth film itself by Christopher Nolan, The Prestige of 2006. Starring Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale as rival magicians who try to overcome each other with the most spectacular visually spectacular illusions, their unconventional structure often rhymes with the previous work of the writer and director in Memento.

Although this will not be the only Nolan movie on the list, The Prestige is possibly the closest analogue to Memento thanks to its frequent use of jumps in time and its clearly unorthodox narration. To summarize, if he is in humor for a roller coaster of cerebral science fiction full of turns and turns, The Prestige is the perfect narrative to turn on his head. In addition, he has David Bowie playing Nikola Tesla, which automatically makes things five better. No, seriously, we did the calculations.

Donnie Darko

The 10 best films similar to Memento

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Richard Kelly’s psychological worship, Donnie Darko, combines time trip, sleepwalking, murder and, well… a strange guy in a rabbit suit called Frank to offer an independent high concept film that invites the Reflection with heart, soul and brain.

Interestingly, the writer and director of the film has recorded that Nolan and his wife Emma Thomas helped ensure the premiere in Donnie Darko cinemas. In addition, after an early screening of the film, Nolan even gave Kelly some tips and encouraged the director to include title cards throughout the film, to which the filmmaker born in Virginia promised.

In summary, Donnie Darko is another film that plays over time and makes viewers think, while offering a tense narrative about love, death and family.

Island of the shutter

The 10 best films similar to Memento

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While Martin Scorsese is more united to violent crimes, the award-winning writer and director has achieved quite success with psychological thrillers such as Driver Taxi of 1976 and Shutter Island of 2010.

Based on a novel by Dennis Lehane, the mystery of the murder set in the 1950s tells the story of the American sheriff Edward Teddy Daniels (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) and his partner Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo) while traveling to the island of the same name To investigate the possible murder. of Rachel Illando and the three daughters of her.

What begins as a routine investigation soon becomes chaos when Daniels’s mind apparently begins to develop. Frankly, this film has more in common with Silent Hill by Christophe Gans than with traditional gangsters such as Goodfellas.

The game

The 10 best films similar to Memento

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After the meteoric success of 1995, David Fincher returned well to the psychological thriller with The Game of 1997. With exceptional action skills such as Michael Douglas and Sean Penn, The Game is an exciting suspense movie that constantly makes you question The reasons for the cast full of stars.

Focused on an investment banker who has distanced himself from his family, Fincher’s third feature film is an atmospheric thread that Zigzaguea between the family tragedy and the drama driven by the conspiracy.

Ingenious, disturbing, with an incredible turn in the final moments of its end, The Game is a psychological thriller that will leave a lasting impression.


The 10 best films similar to Memento

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The second and final photo of Christopher Nolan on this list is Inception and it is easy to see why. Partly amazing science fiction and partly espionage thriller, Nolan’s seventh film is a master blow both in visual design and in narrative ambition.

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio as a thieve specialist who infiltrates his objectives and steals valuable information, origin razed the box office with an impressive collection of $ 836.8 million in 2010 and took tons of praise in the awards season in the awards season.

In addition, it also has a deeply emotional and memorable score of Hans Zimmer, as well as incredible turns of Joseph Gordon Levitt of Looper and Beyond: Two Souls ’Elliot Page.

The Machinist

The 10 best films similar to Memento

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Thematically, The Machinist is perhaps the closest film to Memento’s DNA on this list. Directed by Brad Anderson, the 2004 psychological chilling has much in common with the mystery of the murder focused on Nolan’s amnesia.

In fact, issues such as guilt, paranoia and repentance are explored through its central protagonist that turns out to be an insomniance pursued by violent hallucinations. These visions are deeply intertwined with a very human history in the center of the narrative.

With a phenomenal performance by Christian Bale by American Psycho, who lost the amazing amount of 62 pounds in an attempt to interpret the emaciated version of his character, Trevor Reznik, The Machinist is an agile and atmospheric thriller that hides a tragic turn that He will stay with you. long after the credits have shot.

The butterfly Effect

The 10 best films similar to Memento

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While the butterfly effect can be another critical failure, this intoxicating film on time trips became a commercial success despite the fact that all probabilities were against him. Yes, the science fiction epic of Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber tries to translate the mathematical concept of chaos theory in an image of accessible corn popcorn and, surprisingly, it achieves it to a large extent.

Starring Ashton Kutcher, who essentially has the unique power to alter his past through his memories, The Butterfly Effect is an exploration of human will, fate, alternative realities and, ultimately, the power to change life dramatic through apparently trivial actions.

Vanilla sky

The 10 best films similar to Memento

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The intelligently executed adaptation of Cameron Crowe of the Spanish film Open Your Eyes is a wonderful cocktail of science fiction that distorts reality, unrequited sincere romance and an excellent soundtrack that has the talent of Paul McCartney, Radiohead and Sigur Rós.

Focusing on a masked figure called David Aames (played by Tom Cruise), whom we find imprisoned for some mysterious reason, the film again tells its personal story of how he came to exist with many turns and turns.

Convincing and incredibly well written, with an excellent central performance by Cruise, Vanilla Sky is a memorable game full of mystery, intrigue and, like the best artistic creations that exist, it is open to multiple interpretations.

The gift

The 10 best films similar to Memento

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Written and directed by Joel Edgerton, The Gift is a chilling psychological thriller that is disturbing one of the most credible stories on this list.

Starring Jason Bateman from Arrestad Development and Rebecca Hall of Iron Man 3 as the married duo in the heart of the film, the film to bite the 2015 nails is a delight driven by the suspense. This couple runs into an old friend of the school who soon becomes obsessed with them, which culminates with a gift plead for them.

Things intensify when these gifts slowly begin to become more… disturbing. I mean, who does not love when all your fish are poisoned and your pet dog disappears? Yes, The Gift can be a fairly simple configuration, but it will still be able to give you chills.

The number 23

The 10 best films similar to Memento

Image Source: New Line Cinema

While critics greatly criticized the thriller who questions everything by Joel Schumacher, there is much to love here for mystery fans, turns and conspiracy theories that invite reflection. Starring Jim Carrey in one of the few serious roles of him, The Number 23 is a deep immersion in an amazing search for truth.

Narratively, the film clearly focuses on Walter Sparrow, a normal guy who works as an animal control officer. His destiny worsens when he discovers a book called… You’ve guessed it!-The number 23.

Soon, Sparrow begins to see his own life in the pages of the mysterious book and does not spend much time before he is consumed by the enigmatic story of murder of him. With an excellent Carrey turn, a cinematography and surprising visual effects, as well as a surprisingly convincing story in the center, The Number 23 is a underestimated jewel that will definitely scratch that itching of Memento.

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