Nacon revealed that he was working on a survival game set in the world of the terminator series.

RIMS Racing developed Nacon Studio Milan has started making a post-apocalyptic open world terminator game. The Nacon Connect broadcast saw a short teasing trailer where the T-800 skeleton looks directly into the camera.

The game is said to have its own story based on the events of the terminator movies. A group of players who survived core pokocolyps will fight to survive the time between the Conference Day and the creation of John Connor’s resistance movement.

Nacon emphasizes that the game is only at an early stage of development, so you may have to wait for a good product.

In addition to the terminator, another classic character in the 80s action films received his own gaming trailer. Therobocop: Rogue City_ Game Picture Railer, released in June 2023, saw Peter Weller For the first time since 1990 _Robocop 2:.

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