wondering what as Dusk Falls, the preload time and the installation size are in Xbox and PC ? Here, we will describe how the game can be preloaded, what will be the size of the file in your system and when you can finally start playing.

As Dusk Fall is an interactive game based on the narrative of the interior/night developer that follows the life of two families over 30 years. It seems destined to be a truly unique narrative experience, while inspired by other successful titles of the genre such as Life is Strange and Tell Me Why, but has a surprising visual style that gives life to all the action.

How to preload as Dusk Falls in Xbox and PC

  • Open the Xbox application on the PC or go to the Game Pass mosaic in Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One.
  • Go to the soon section and select as dusk falls.
  • Select the option ‘Install now’ that appears as a large button.
  • The game will begin to be downloaded on your PC or console.

If you have asked for the game in advance and is not Game Pass subscriber, once you have completed your order purchase in advance, the game will begin to be downloaded and automatically installed in your system.


As Dusk Falls weighs 51.03 GB in Xbox Series X | S and 70.17 GB in PC.

These file sizes have been shared through the XBOX application for PC and from the ‘download tail’ in our own Xbox Series x | s console having preloaded the title ourselves.

The installation size of AS DUSK Falls is quite heavy, which suggests that the narrative-based game will have many branched dialogue paths. The striking and unique visual style of the game can also be one of the factors that contribute to the big footprint on the storage devices of its system.



As Dusk Falls is thrown at 11 a. m. Et/ 8 a. m. PT on July 19 on the PC and at midnight in its hourly zone at the Xbox consoles.

That is all you need to know about as Dusk Falls preload times and installation sizes . To get more information about the game, be sure to consult the links below.

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