Good Smile Company, a figures producer, released various game figures in line with the animation expo that began on the 1st.


The figures released through the official Twitter account are three types of the introductory version of ‘Pop-up Parade’, the SD version ‘Nendoroid (Nendo)’, and the action figure ‘Pygma’.

In this announcement, Hades ▲ ‘Zagreus’ pop-up, ▲ ‘Tanatos’ Nendo, Street Fighter ▲ ‘Chun-ri’ pop-up Undine ‘Nendo, Slime Rangeer 2 ▲’ Beatrix Levo ‘Nendo, Shovel Knights ▲’ Shopping Temple ‘Nendo, Shante Series ▲’ Shante ‘Nendo, Omori ▲’ Basil ‘Nendo, Journey ▲ You can see a variety of characters such as pop-up, Devil Summoner Kuzunoha Laido series, ‘Kuzuhaha Lai Dow’ Pygma, Valhalla: Cyberpunk Bartender Action and ‘Jill Stingray’ Nendo.

In addition to the Cyberpunk 2077, Animation Cyberpunk: Edge Runner’s ‘Lucy’ Nendo and ‘David Martinez’ Nendo announced the announcement.

The release date of the figures announced this time is undecided.