Since its launch a few weeks ago, Immortal Diablo has already generated a good handful of controversies worldwide, this is due to its aggressive microtransactions system that prevents quickly moving forward. This has led a player to protest against the game, but apparently he did it by spending a large sum of dollars.

As reported by VGC , a streamer known as Quin69 proposed to win a five-star gem, an object that has a low opportunity to appear at least that some type of payment is made. This led him to spend about $ 15,000 approximately, that can be added $ 4,000 USD that he had already used previously in the mobile game.

When he finally could get so precious Gema he did something unexpected for the spectators, since instead of equipping her, he destroyed her to strengthen a useless object 1. After this he uninstalled the game and proceeded to complain about the methods of Blizzard , a kind of protest towards this type of unfair practices for a certain sector of the community.

The mechanics that involve paying in Immortal Diablo have led fans to have a great concern, since some begin to suspect that the next numbered game can also include them. However, those responsible behind the project have assured fans that it will not happen because it is a 6-dollar launch.

Remember that the free game is available in iOS and Android .