Fighting hordes in Diablo Immortal, you will find the legendary equipment. Do not confuse with the legendary precious stones. Legendary equipment is rare objects that can significantly improve your assembly and damage with unique effects. You should know how to farm the legendary equipment to become stronger.


The legendary equipment can be equipped in all the slots of the main equipment. This is your main weapon, additional weapons, shoulder, legs, helmet and chest. Legendary objects will have several attributes bonuses and a unique effect that will change the effect of one of your skills, for example, adding damage from the cold.

After you reach the 60th level and unlock the perfection system, you can also get a set of objects that are legendary equivalents for your secondary equipment slots. These are gloves, boots, belts, amulet and two rings. However, the objects of the set must be compared to get their bonuses.

legendary farm in Diablo Immortal

Legendary objects are rare objects that can fall out of any enemy. You can increase the chance of falling by fulfilling a certain content or increasing the complexity. The best ways to farm legends:

Farm dungeons and faults of the ancients in groups.
Increase your hellish complexity to increase the speed of loss.
Perform orders and zonal events *.
Hilts Trader * will provide one legendary item per week at a price of 1600 handles.

Awards for combat pass and murder of the day can also periodically give legendary items. Follow the Code for the dungeons in which the chance of falling is increased.

How to farm certain legendary items in Diablo Immortal?

Unfortunately, there is no way to specifically farm a certain part of the legendary equipment, since all losses are accidental. However, you can farm certain objects of the set, since they fall out only from certain dungeons at certain levels of complexity. If you get legendary items that are stronger than your current item, but do not have an additional legendary effect you need, you can use the transfer of essence to inherit the legendary effect. In fact, turning the legend into the one you need.

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