Neptune’s subsidiary, Neu Neuron, said that the PC online game ‘Eternal Return’, which is under service ‘Early Access’, is on the rise due to the 4th-to-4th Team Daejeon Mode ‘Cobalt Protocol’.

According to the ‘Steam DB’, which can check various figures of games service on the Steam platform, the cobalt protocol has been updated to the steam version of Eternal Return on the 9th, exceeding 19,000 people on the 9th. It was about twice that of the existing 10,000 people.

Twitch viewers, who stayed at 10,000, surpassed 25,000, and the average number of viewers has been on the rise since May. Nimn Neuron has selected a partner channel among the Twitch Streamer channels dealing with Eternal Returns, and various events have been continuously conducted.

Meanwhile, according to the analysis of PC room usage time, which was counted in the game trix for a week from May 30 to June 5, Eternal return re-entered the 20th place with a 20.6% increase from the previous week, and on 6th to 12th. As a result of the count, it rose one step again and ranked 19th.

Nimn Neuron analyzed that this increase in game-related figures accumulated trust by communication with developers and gamers, and that trust raised expectations for the new season, and active promotions through on-offline.

Nimnine Neuron plans to continue to add new characters and skin content, cobalt protocol and game improvement according to the released Eternal Return Roadmap.


The cobalt protocol is a 4 VS 4 team war mode in the near future laboratory environment, and is a new mode focusing on infinite automatic resurrection and item draft instead of omitting the collection and production of Lumia Island.