Nightingale unexpectedly appeared during the Summer Game Fest 2022. The last official trailer for the gameplay was released and gave the audience the opportunity to look at the charming worlds, which only wait to be opened. He was a good persecutor of some of the more cruel games, such as The Callisto Protocol.

everything we know about the nightingale

Here is a brief presentation of everything that we know about the magical game for survival, Nightingale!

What is the date of the Nightingale?

At the moment, Nightingale does not have a set release date. The developer indicated Q4 2022 on the official preparation page.

What platforms will Nightingale be on?

Nightingale will go to PC via Steam. The plans for the release on other platforms are not reported.

will there be a multiplayer in Nightingale?

Yes, Nightingale is conceived as a game that you can play alone or along with other players that can be found during the study of various worlds.


trailer for the nightingale

The trailer demonstrates several key features of the survival game. They should be familiar to the players of other survival games, such as Ark Evolved or Minecraft. It’s all about collecting resources to create tools, shelters, weapons and much more. Only the Nightingale adheres to a pronounced Victorian approach to the genre.

In addition, there are portals that can be activated by creating cards of the kingdom. However, there are dangerous creatures that are hidden on the other side. This is certainly a unique approach that Nightingale will help to stand out among other games of this genre.

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