[game Moon Young-soo reporter] Blizzard, which is about to launch ‘Diablo Immortal’, is attracting attention as it will provide PC room premium benefits for the first time among major mobile-PC cross platform games in Korea. It is noteworthy that the PC room benefits, which have been limited to PC online games, will lead to the expansion of mobile games.

According to the game industry on the 30th, Blizzard decided to introduce a premium PC room benefit to Diablo Immortal PC version, which will start open beta (OBT) on the 3rd. Diablo Immortal was originally developed as a mobile game, but the PC version was announced, reflecting the needs of the recent cross-platform. Specific content will be released on the 3rd.

Jeon Dong-jin, president of Blizzard Korea, attended the Diablo Immortal launch meeting on the 26th and said, “We apply a premium PC room benefit for the launch of Korean players who play Diablo Immortal in the PC room.” I will try to give it. ”

PC room premium benefits means that if a user plays a game in a PC room, he will provide additional characters or experience compensation. The game company is considered a major sales source for PC online games because it can make a stable profit by giving a fee to its affiliated PC room. Blizzard provides PC room premium services for most games served with Battle.net.

It is true that PC room premium benefits have been considered exclusively for PC online games. However, the situation has changed as the quality of mobile games has increased to PC game level, and hardcore genres such as large multi-multi-speed roles (MMORPGs) are popular. In fact, ‘Odin: Vala Rising’ and ‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’, which are located in the top of Google Play’s top sales rankings, are also ranked in the top of the PC room.

In particular, as there are more cases of providing its own amulators to enjoy its mobile games on a PC, or with PC clients, the possibility of the mobile game’s PC room premium benefits has been steadily raised. There was no attempt to introduce PC room premium benefits before Blizzard. NCsoft reviewed the introduction of PC room premium services in 2019 when Lineage 2M and PC-mobile cross platform ‘Purple’ were released.

At the time, the company said, “It is not currently implemented, but there is a discussion on providing premium services when playing Lineage 2M through purple in the PC room environment.” Although it may be granted, the use of Lineage 2m through the launch of the launch will be provided free for the convenience of the PC room bosses. ”

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NCsoft said, “The game provided by Purple, a crossplay service, is a mobile game, and there is a limit to providing PC room benefits.”.

In the game industry, if you provide PC room premium benefits to the mobile-PC cross platform game, there is a voice that you need a cautious approach as mobile users can be discriminated against. As the PC version is still a means of assisting mobile game users, the atmosphere is not a step to consider the PC room premium benefits. The flow is expected to change depending on whether Diablo Immortal’s PC room is settled.