With the release of Destroyer, Amazon Games has completed the release of all the new classes that were announced for the Western version. However, more characters will be coming to the game in the coming months, and the community has already picked their favorites.

Lost Ark has been beefed up with new classes over the last two months. Lance Master (Gujista) and Destroyer (Destroyer) were Amazon Games’ first significant expansions on the Western version of the game. Both were a success, with the appearance of the Martial Artist being especially noteworthy. However, the community is waiting for a new Roadmap from the developers to know the following additions. There are still seven characters to come to the game, and there should be an official announcement soon.

The most anticipated new classes by the Lost Ark community
In the absence of Smile Gate and Amazon Games making decisions and announcing the following classes that will arrive in Lost Ark, we can refer to several surveys carried out among the community. The first is the one that preceded the release of the April update, getting 14,000 responses in which the following priorities were established.
Lance Master : 33% (Introduced April 2022)
Scouter : 16.4%
Artist : 15%
Reaper : 10.5%
Summoner (Summoner) : 10.2%
Arcanist : 7.7%
Destroyer (Destroyer) : 7.2% (introduced in May 2022)

The first survey makes several things clear to us. The first is that the developers will not necessarily introduce the most anticipated elements in the game to the community. The second is that some of the most anticipated classes (Artist) should still take a few months to arrive. Due to this circumstance, the community recently repeated the survey (May 2022), considering only the four new characters whose release is most likely. The results took an exciting turn.
Scouter : 33.3%
Arcane : 24.5%
Summoner (Summoner) : 21.2%
Repairer (Reaper) : 21%

Thus, we know that Scouter occupies a role similar to that of Lance Master before his release. The Lost Ark community is quite excited about the possible arrival of this character based on futuristic firearms and laser swords that has a drone as a companion. His release in the following few patches seems highly likely. Destroyer hasn’t been a trendy class with players, and 56.9% of those surveyed were disappointed with its release. In this way, those responsible for the game could give a significant blow of authority, giving the community the class it is waiting for.