The art of the demands is something that is being popularized more and more. There is a certain beauty in taking the games that lead the technology of realism to the limit, and transforming them into polygonal experiences of the late last century. We already saw this applied to the last of us, God of war and bloodboner, and now it is the turn of horizon zero dawn to join this group.

Leaving aside the tenth Engine, the youtuber known as Zeonyph shared a horizon zero dawn, which shows us how this PS4 classic would see running in a PS1 **.

The project came true thanks to the use of Blender. This is a 3D graphics program that allows users to encourage their own content and, although it can be used for advanced images, that was not what Zeonyph had in mind. As you could see, The style of play resembles the first deliveries of Tomb Raider.

Work such as the Last of Us, God of War and horizon Zero Dawn decide to change the gameplay radically, and transform these titles into copies of Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider, respectively. However, the only one that has preserved the original style of play, although with clear limitations, it has been that of bloodborne .

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Editor note :

What if Horizon: Zero Dawn was made in 1996?

It would be spectacular to see an official demand from a company. Although it is not so strange to see tributes to the past or sections that change the visual style, we have not seen something that is genuinely built for the PS1, at least not outside the independent scene.