Developer Stunlock Studios announced on May 21 that “ v Rising ” has exceeded 500,000. It is a speed record in just 4 days from the start of early access distribution.

V Rising is an open world survival game that started early access distribution on May 17. The stage is the fantasy medieval world. The player is a vampire that wakes up from sleep for centuries. It is necessary to act to avoid the sunshine during the day, and it is possible to suck blood from the enemy. The blood you suck is your own power. You can also make minions and increase your friends more and more.

In this work, materials can be obtained from various objects, and craft and architectural elements are substantial. Gather items through search and battle, and eventually build a large castle. In addition to solo play, multiplayer is also possible. In addition to PVE play, such as defeating strong enemies and bosses, PvP play with other vampires by betrayal is also possible.

V Rising - Open World Vampire Survival Action RPG

This work has been steadily expanded since the early access distribution started on May 17th. On May 21, the number of simultaneous connected players at the peak has reached 10,0136 (SteamDB). The game played on Steam is the fifth title, along with “APEX LEGENDS”. The distribution on Twitch was also exciting, and on May 17, the number of viewers was 43,000. The Steam Store page has more than 6,000 strokes, and the status has gained “very popular”. It seems that the graphics are beautiful, and the fact that the elements of games such as battle and architecture are firmly created is highly evaluated.

The development of V Rising is Swedish Developer Stunlock Studios. In the past, the studio is the arena competition game “Battlerite” and “Battlerite Royale”, which will be derived from the same work. “V RISING” was released, incorporating new elements such as architecture while utilizing the development know -how of the battle game in the aspects of PVP. It can be said that the results of these challenges have led to high evaluation.

In the future, it seems that the content will be expanded by repeated updates during early access distribution. As for the content to be added, more biome and dungeons. New weapons and spell kits, new enemies, and more castles and cosmetic. They are aiming to improve the overall experiences by improving more craft recipes, additional functions and performance. It is said that the early access distribution period is scheduled for one year.

“V Rising” is being distributed early on Steam for PCs. The price is 2050 yen.