Oh, beautiful Aventuria, who doesn’t know it? Well, probably most people who have never played the black eye. The popular pen & paper role-playing game is primarily located there. And so, not surprisingly, the Visual Novel Forgotten Fables: Wolves on the Westwind, which is based on the popular template. The adventure will be released on May 25th, we will tell you in the test whether it is worth taking a trip to Aventuria.

Damn it!

The story of the game starts exciting: Our character and friends of friends are confronted with the unsightly fact that they have been cursed by a demon. This is generally rude and does not become better by making us crazy by all kinds of visions from our past. Because no one else does it again, we open up to put an end to the curse. This requires: a saber tooth. Can’t find that a thing like that? Well, the little bit of the demon once belonged, which cursed us before it was beaten out of his mouth by a legendary heroine and transformed into a holy weapon by a deity.


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Unlike the demon, these are significantly nicer journeyman who are aside instead of wanting to give us upside down. It is worth being nice to these helpers, because our decisions can also determine life and death!

that “we” wins

But who are “we”? Well, too, it starts with the options. Alrik Durenwald is an aging mercenary who no longer wants to put his life regularly for others. Nedime Saba Dschadir is a young magician who cannot fully develop her magic arts because for reasons that we do not reveal here, she was rejected at the magician academy.

The selection of figures also of course also has an impact on the story. At first it starts one way or something so that you will be attacked by bandits on your trip. Battle? Hide? Run away? You are responsible for how you want to deal with this situation.

But: You shouldn’t expect big gameplay moments. Visual Novel remains visual novel, and so your quite far -reaching decision -making options are limited to dialogue options.

After all, there are some creative ideas as part of this proven system. In many situations, for example, we not only have the choice between “fighting” or “do not fight”, but can actually contest the clashes.

How we act or react there has an impact on whether we can get out of the battles intact – and with us our colleagues with us. And whether they live or die and can continue to support us has an impact on our dialogue options in that they gradually learn new “attacks”, magic and other skills.

Page 1 Forgotten Fables in the test: What can the DSA adventure do? – Page 1

Page 2 Forgotten Fables in the test: What can the DSA adventure do? – Page 2

Page 3bildergalerie to Forgotten Fables in the test: What can the DSA adventure do?

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