Prime Matter has released “ Dolmen ” from May 20. The compatible platform is PlayStation 5/PlayStation 4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/PC (Steam). A package version will be released for PS5/PS4.

This work is an ultra -high difficulty action RPG based on science fiction and cosmic horror. So what is the very high difficulty? It is a game design that is difficult and mentally hunted down by fear. So how scary? How is it difficult? Some people may be worried about that. In this article, we will introduce the contents and charm of “Dolmen”, which has a science fiction world view that can be attracted to the royal road based on the play experience in the PC (Steam) version provided by KOCH MEDIA. The author has played some soul -like games, including the Dark Soul series.

Work Overview

First, let’s talk about the work. The stage of Dolmen is a science fiction world in which humanity colonizes multiple star systems, utilizing astronaut technology and genetic operation aimed at environmental adaptation. The protagonist is called Dolmen, who is on the mission of recovering a mysterious crystal sample, and visits the planet Levion Prime, where hostile creatures fluctuate. Players choose multiple classes and use a variety of combat systems to fight strong enemies, using a variety of combat systems while skillfully using melee weapons and long -range weapons. Battle with a tough enemy while passing through a steep dungeon. It is a soul -like game system that has the characteristic of dropping experience points when you die.

The most important keywords in the work are the mysterious crystal, dolmen with a powerful power that can interfere with another dimension. Dolmen has the potential not only to revolutionize the space search, but also to change the world. The protagonist will approach the events of the planet Levion Prime and the mystery of the dolmen while fighting for dolmen. However, what was waiting for the player was a harsh and terrifying world, a series of difficulties that far exceeded the imagination.

Various fears that always crawl on the player

The player explores the map while eliminating hostility, destroying the boss waiting deep, and proceeding to a new area. Each area has detailed checkpoints, and once released, it is possible to freely come and go. There are several locations, and the landscape is completely different depending on the area even in the same planet. What is common is that a horror movie is definitely an eerie spot. The location quietly stirs the fear of the player.

For example, a base that is attacked by someone and remains everywhere in battle and blood stains. A terrible cave where a huge primary creature wanders and a mysterious egg is planted. A research institute where the piles of the corpse are piled up, human experiments and research data are left. The introduction is only a part of the area where you can explore, but the other areas have a disturbing atmosphere. In the search, every time you go through the dim area, the noise resounds from somewhere. Sometimes the building is squeaking, and sometimes the sound of a mysterious creature emits. You will be scared of the existence of enemies that may be lurking in the darkness or shadow, and will be surprised by the silence and the enemy approaching from behind. In the search part of this work, the sense of crisis that you do not know what will happen or when you will be attacked, and the fear of death are always appealing to your instinct.

Of course, the horror of this work is not limited to the atmosphere. In general, the opposing enemies are generally not straightforward. Even the primary creatures that appear in the first stage need to be able to fight with the movement firmly. As a specific example, it produces an attack that cannot be guarded, not only a type of enemy, but also a dash attack like a shrinking area, or a barrier that absorbs long -range attacks and reflects. There are also enemies. What I personally felt the most tougher was an enemy who developed a shield that rotates the tentacles and disabled shooting, but this time when approaching, the tentacles make a quick attack like a whip. There is no gap in both offense and defense, and it feels more tougher than some bosses.

Combined with the concept of attributes described later, it is inevitable that first -time enemies will have a hard time. Naturally, if the soul -like work dies, the experience value gained in the battle and the fragments of the recovered dolmen will be lost all over the place and resumed from the checkpoint. The number of recovery items is limited, so we want to avoid consumption on the way as much as possible. For those reasons, it is recommended that this work will create a one -on -one state as much as possible even in a small fish battle during search. However, as if such an idea is irritating, the map structure and the nasty enemy arrangement will further hinder.

There are plenty of trap zones that reduce physical strength when touched, acid swamps whose movements become slow, and drones that approach and self -destruct when you find a player. Encounter a wandering enemy, and when fighting, the enemy who reacts to the sound and bullet will further attack from the other side of the wall. If you are hiding in the sand or noticing the enemy’s noise, you may suddenly hear an explosion and another enemy may invade. If you are surrounded by multiple bodies in a small place, you will be defeated in no time.

Many of the enemies they encounter as an element that further fuel the fear of the player are creatures in a terrible appearance. A rugged battle android that attacks a giant insect that has a physiological disgust without a conversation. There are also strange humans created in the process of human experiments, and aliens of invaders with high technical and military power. Visin and nasty enemies may rush from outside the field of view, or hatch them from eggs during battle. If you take a distance, you may be licked by the simultaneous attack between enemies who are chasing relentlessly and enemies that fly attacks from a remote place. In many cases, enemies appear as if they are cut off on a dead road, and some enemies suddenly appear at the end of the phrase.

The feeling of frustration, which is a bit of a soul game, is a game experience that can not be easily obtained even now, even now that the Seoul games are coming out while repeating the battle of one -time retreat in a and unbelievable situation. It seems that he is experiencing panic horror, as the factors that inspire the fear of the player are so thorough. The fact that you have to get off alone on the planet alone and do your own task alone is so dangerous and terrifying that this work is so disgusting. The battle in this work is a fight against the enemy, the battle against fear, and the battle with yourself. You should have thought that you were the hunting side, but you should be careful to explore it so that you will not be the illusion that it was the hunting side.

The important thing is to learn how to overcome fear

By the way, we have introduced various difficulties waiting in this work, but the difference from the pure horror game is that the player is not swallowed by fear and has a technique to overcome it. First of all, as in the case of soul -like, the player himself grows up due to a trial and error.

At first glance, if you can learn what is unavoidable, you can learn the preliminary movements and the spacing between attacks by using invincible avoidance actions and guards. If just guards can be activated arbitrarily, it is possible to break the opponent’s movement and create a counterattack from it. Thankfully, in this work, all the attacks that are not guarded are all marked with markers above the enemy. You can judge whether you should guard and avoid the attitude of the attack and the presence of a marker. In addition, some weapons and jump attacks can break down the opponent’s movement. It can be said that the use of a quick weak attack is very important in capture.

There are plenty of attack methods, and this work can be equipped with melee weapons and shooting weapons at the same time. The specification of the melee weapon is stamina and the shooting weapon is a specification that consumes the resources of energy, so it can be used alternately. Although the shooting weapon is low in damage itself, if it is the first enemy to encounter, it can take a distance and fight while observing the movement. It is a very reliable thing because it can attack a specific enemy as a positive motion and invite him to a distant point. Although it takes time, a play style that safely defeats with shooting weapons is also good.

Each weapon has a variety, with a quick handx with a melee weapon, a large sword with excellent damage and attack range, a two -handed twin swords and two -handed drills. This work has a quick enemy’s movement, so slow weapons are difficult to handle, but each has its own strengths. As an example, if it is a large sword, the strong attack is very excellent, the agile movement of the quick -step -up, and the side effect that can break the opponent’s movement. Since this break is also effective for some bosses, if it can be used, it will be able to be dominant in the battle.

There are types of shooting weapons such as handguns, rifles, shotguns, and machine guns. One of the unique features of this work is that each has its own strong attacks, and even the same gun is different. A rifle that develops floating bullets in a barrel that performs a pursuit of a weak attack is excellent in instantaneous damage and can be used in all situations. In some ways, a weak attack is switched to a machine gun and a strong attack can be switched to a shotgun. Furthermore, the weak attack of the shooting weapon has a specification in which special effects are activated with a certain probability. You can attack without consuming energy only for a short time, or you can activate strong attacks without resources.

Another point is that the shooting weapon is not a physical attack but an attribute damage. This work has the concept of the attribute of flame, freezing, and strong acid, and has a defense power separately from physical defense. In addition to improving the damage if the attributes of the weakness are applied, the condition is given by accumulating attribute damage. The flame is reduced in defense, freezing is reduced, and strong acids gradually decrease in defense and speed. Quick enemies can easily respond to movement by freezing, so shooting weapons should be used effectively not only as damage resources, but also in the abnormal condition and advanced battles.

In addition, there is an ability like a special technique called energy mode. When the energy mode is turned on, the melee attack will consume energy instead of stamina. It is worth noting that during the energy mode, attributes are also applied to melee attack damage. It is a very powerful mode that can not only improve damage with weaknesses, but also bring it into abnormal conditions. Energy mode also consumes energy, so you can treat energy like a second stamina gauge. It is characterized by the fact that tactics such as switching to energy mode after using up stamina in normal mode and continuing to attack, conversely, stamina, which has been restored in energy mode, is also possible with stamina.

Don’t be air pressure by that strength

In the boss battle, a magnificent battle BGM flows, switching to the challenge of a powerful enemy rather than a confrontation with fear. Of course, the boss’s attack is fierce and powerful. At first glance, it may tremble with its strength. Like fighting with small fish enemies, bosses are also resistant by repeating trials and errors. It is also important to observe carefully, as the field itself is gimmicked. For example, in the boss where a certain thing is planted around, a small fish appears from the one that has a certain value cut. By taking measures early as a countermeasure, you will be able to fight safely in the second half. Bosses that regularly recover physical strength can inhibit recovery by destroying a certain gimmick immediately after the battle starts. There are also bosses that can be scared by environmental destruction.

There are also bosses whose behavior changes due to reduced physical strength. In some cases, the attack becomes intense in the serious mode, and the attacks that have not been used in the first half have been lifted, which has an additional effect on existing attacks. It is also characterized by the fact that the enemy’s behavior pattern is switched to freshness in the boss battle itself. And in the boss battle, multiplayer is possible, so players who are not good at specific bosses and difficult to capture are also prepared. You can challenge a lonely battle to enhance yourself, or defeat a strong enemy in cooperation play. It is a nice point that you can play with each play style.

Furthermore, as an element that assists capture, status development and equipment enhancement. The status can be expanded by consuming the experience gained by defeating the enemy, not only increasing the upper limit of stamina with basic physical strength, but also increasing muscle strength and precision to increase attack power. Since some equipment has a necessary status, it is also a form of fostering a status to extend the status to equip a specific weapon. Play style will change significantly depending on what you extend with a limited resource.

Equipment enhancement allows you to develop new weapons and strengthen armor. Since the armor is clearly determined, the attributes that are good at it are clearly divided, so uneasy people can prepare multiple armor and re -equip it locally according to the enemy’s attack attribute. In addition, there is a substratus called technology in the equipment, and you can acquire additional ability by extending various technologies. There is also the effect of raising the maximum value of various resources and recovering physical strength and energy during melee attacks. However, since technology cannot extend everything to an upper limit, you will consider the combination of armor depending on which technology is extended.

The most important thing when creating equipment is that adding the materials obtained in the search can fluctuate the equipment status. With melee weapons, not only can you raise simple damage, but also reduce stamina consumption and raise the attack speed itself. By using high rarity materials, the attack speed can be increased by 1.5 times. In shooting weapons, it is possible to reduce energy consumption and increase the number of bullets fired at the same time. Do you want to extend your strengths or compensate for your weaknesses? Should we use precious materials or be spared? It is a point that changes greatly depending on the discretion of the individual, but I would like to actively use it as an important factor in reducing the difficulty of capture.

With the heart of challenging

By the way, as I spelled so far, this work has a variety of techniques that can overcome fear. The planet Levion Prime has a lot of productions, traps, and powerful enemies that are likely to break. However, by learning in advance and learning while death and fear, players can overcome difficulties. And the victory that can be grasped at the end of the battle and the sense of accomplishment that can be obtained will definitely lead to the confidence in the next search.

Through the game experience, I had the impression that the axis as a soul -like was firm, despite having original action elements and equipment customization functions as science fiction works. While I was almost swallowed by the unique scary atmosphere, I was able to keep my heart to challenge the flavor that unraveled the world view scattered in the work. It is definitely a unique appeal of Dolmen to be able to experience the true meaning of approaching the mystery of the universe and encountering unknown.

Everyone should lose fear. It may be, for example, an unknown fear or a fear of failure. When you meet such fears, it’s not embarrassing to escape. However, if you stay on the spot and you can get up again no matter how many times you get stuck, people will definitely be able to grow a little bigger. This work may be a trigger to get such a challenge. Soul -like planets, which can be enjoyed with the sense of tension and accomplishment of fear, are always welcomed your challenge.

“Dolmen” is on sale for PlayStation 5/PlayStation 4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/PC (Steam) on May 20. The price is 4100 yen for the PC (Steam) version, and the console version is 4950 yen (tax included). The package version will be released for the PS5/PS4, and the product code of “Rebel Armor Set”, “Rebel Ax”, and “Rebel Sword” will be included as the first enclosed benefits. In addition, a limited set of an original stainless steel bottle is also available at Amazon.