With Arma Refork, developer Bohemia Interactive has practically presented a first sample of his upcoming military simulation Arma 4. What veterans of the series should surprise: For the first time, the hardcore shooter also appears for the console, but not for all platforms.

Arma Reforker published in the early access for Xbox & PC

The Arma military simulation series has been known for hardcore shooters for many years. And Survival players are likely to have heard this name-after all was originally a mod for ARMA 2 , which was later published as a standalone version on Steam.

The current part of the ARMA series, Arma 3, has now on the hump for over 8 years, is no longer completely baptized. Now Bohemia Interactive has published a kind of small multiplayer demo with Arma Reforker , which is also equipped with all kinds of developer tools, for Steams early access program. And according to the official description, the game is the first step towards ARMA 4 (source: Steam).

_Erste scenes from Arma Refork can be seen in the official trailer: _

Watch __arma refork on Steam

But not only PC players can take a look at Arma Reforker, also Xbox series players can find the military simulation in the game preview program from Microsoft . A novelty for the series. Even mods should be available on the console.

Watch the Arma Reform for Xbox Series in the Microsoft Store

However, Playstation players seem to go empty. At least there is no message that suggests the release of a PS4 or PS5 version.

Arma Refork is criticized


On Steam, the Early Access version of the military simulation gets its fat away. Only 61 percent of the players at the moment are positive . The biggest point of criticism: the price.

Because although Arma Refork is obviously a heavily slimmed down version of the actual main game, Bohemia Interactive requires an admission price of 29.99 euros from the PC and Xbox players .

In addition, many players also denounce the disastrous state of the game. Many bugs are supposed to have a negative impact on the game feeling, the weapon handling still seems to be too arcade-heavy and, on the whole, the game is supposedly only a glorified tech demo (source: steam reviews). The last point is particularly emphasized by some players, because that is exactly what, according to them, does not indicate the product description.

For die-hard Arma fans who have been waiting for a successor for a long time, a look at the new offshoot may still be worthwhile- But all other players should best wait for the Arma 4.