The LOL TMSI 2022 has finished the tournament’s first round with expected results. While the top three favorites, G2 Esports, T1, and RNG, have progressed smoothly and without losing a single game so far, the remaining teams were only losing to one of the three mentioned above and with little trouble reaching the next stage. While RED Canids looked like they would get the blow that Pentanet did last year, PSG Talon backed off their slip and finally made it to the next stage, while Saigon Buffalo couldn’t do anything against Faker’s roller.

Thus, the teams that qualified for the next round of the most critical international League of Legends competition in the world in the spring split are the following.

Qualified teams for the next round of MSI 2022


Group Stage Result

T1 – LCK

6 – 0

G2 Esports – LEC

8 – 0

Royal Never Give Up – LPL

6 – 0

Saigon Buffalo – VCS

4 – 2

Evil Genuises – LCS

4 – 4

PSG Talon

3 – 3

Group A was a T1 monologue in which we could see Faker and company wipe out the other three teams without any problem. With an average of just over 23 minutes per game and a 100% Winrate, the Korean team is the main rival to beat, while Saigon Buffalo, the second-placed, is the strongest team outside the four major leagues, so we will have to be attentive seeing how aggressive they are in the games.

Despite the repetition above of games by RNG, Group B was a total imbalance between the Chinese team and their opponents. The PSG team fought with everything and finally qualified for the next round without much trouble. However, the fight for the second position was more disputed than expected because RED Canids stood up to the Taiwanese in the first confrontation.

Last but not least, Group C was a delight for fans in Europe as G2 Esports were unopposed in any of the eight games they played. While Evil Genuises couldn’t handle Order and us was passing through this MSI, we saw the level of CAPs reach unprecedented heights, and Flaked just kept getting better with each game.

We will have to see what the next round holds for all these teams, but we are sure that it will be a full-fledged show and that fourth place will be more disputed than ever.