Gravity Neo Cyan announced on the 16th that it will collaborate with the animation ‘Hunter × Hunter’ (Hunter X Hunter) on the mobile action puzzle game puzzle and dragon.

The collaboration will be held from 10 am to 9:59 am on the 16th, and ‘7 Magic Stones! In Hunter × Hunter Collaboration Egg 2, there are a total of 16 collaboration characters, such as ‘Exactly One Wielding Gon’ and ‘King of the Chimera Ant’. In addition, you can get the Hunter X Hunter drop skin when you first acquire the “Promised Expectation of the Assassin family”.

lapix - NEO GRAVITY (Extended)

‘5 magical stone is held during the same period! Hunter × Hunter Collaboration Egg features a total of 10 collaboration characters, including Gon Prix and Chloro Lucillur. In addition, if you log in to the game during the collaboration period, only one time ‘Memorial! Hunter × Hunter Collaboration Egg and ‘Held! You can receive Hunter X Hunter Collaboration Egg 2 ‘.

There are also five collaboration dungeons during the period. In the collaboration dungeon, various collaboration characters appear, and the ‘Hunter × Hunter Welcome Brigade’ dungeon will drop three types of ‘Hunter × Hunter Collaboration Medal’, which can be exchanged as ‘Hunter License’ and ‘Jin Frix’ at the Monster Exchange.

In addition, ‘Hunter × Hunter Challenge!’ Hunter × Hunter Collaboration Egg 2 ‘can be obtained. In addition, ‘cooperation! Hunterxhunter Welcome Brigade!