To celebrate yesterday’s exit from Kyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity_, Nintendo has released a new treasure hunt on the game web page. In the same vein as the recent Pikmin 3 Deluxe Hunting the Treasury of the game page, all What you have to do to accumulate points is to locate the five hidden icons on the game web page. Each of the five icons brings you 20 platinum points on your My Nintendo account, for a total of 100 platinum points for the five.

Once you have finished collecting all platinum points you can, you can consult the new Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Physical Rewards offered via My Nintendo.

If you want to save time or have trouble finding the icons, here is a ventilation of their location.

How to Get My Nintendo Platinum Points QUICKLY! | Mikeinoid

The first is on the homepage, just between the History and Gameplay sections and has an image of Link.

The second is located on the history page, between the formidable enemies and the impressive allies section and has an image of Urbosa.

The next step is revali on the characters page at the top of the page, under the words “available now”.

The gameplay page contains a lot of information, which makes it a little more difficult to find. Go down about halfway and you will find Daruk just above the Explore a vibrating hyrule section.

Finally, simply buy the game to get the last icon, Mipha!… I’m kidding, you do not need to buy the game, but it is on the page Buy, just under Buy Now. If you plan to buy the game, consult our reviews here.