Sega announced “Sonic Origins” on April 20. Supported platforms are scheduled to be released on June 23, with PC (Steam / Epic Games Store) / Nintendo Switch / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S. The price is the normal version of 4389 yen, and the digital deluxe version is 4939 yen (both tax included).

“Sonic Origins” is the origin of the Sonic The Hedgehog series, and the following four works have been made into a digital remastered set. Dot expression supports play on a large screen of modern screens. Also, additional modes are also provided.

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·Sonic the hedgehog
Sonic CD
· Sonic The Hedge Hog 2
· Sonic The Hedge Hog 3 & Knuckles

In this work, in addition to the “Classic Mode”, which can be enjoyed by the original version of 4: 3 screens and rules, some additional modes are available. First of all, “Anniversary Mode” supports 16: 9 game screens, and more time over and continued mode. You can enjoy playing without worrying about game over, and you can retry the special stage by using coins.

When classic mode or anniversary mode is cleared, the “mirroring mode” that the stage reversed is unlocked. Also included “bosslash” mode that can be combined with the boss that appears in the work.

In addition, we also provide “Story Mode” to play all classic Sonic works continuously in sequence and “Mission Mode” to challenge a given mission. When you clear the mission, you can earn coins. In addition, you can enjoy “Museum”, which can unlock and browse the treasured materials at the time of original version development, and “My Data & Ranking” that can view clear times on each stage or players around the world.

In addition to the game Main Deluxe version, in addition to the game main volume, 11 types of high difficulty missions and 10 letters of the letterbox pattern are added. Furthermore, Sonic and Talus, Eggman appeared in the main menu, and the main menu island browsing camera function, the character production addition at the time of sound reproduction, and the addition of music to the museum sound are also performed.

These additional elements can also be introduced into the normal version by purchasing the DLC’s “premium fan pack” (400 yen) and “classical music pack” (400 yen).

“Sonic Origins” is scheduled to be released on June 23 for PC (Steam / Epic Games Store) / Nintendo Switch / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S. If you purchase a reservation, 100 coins add and mirroring mode release, and “Start Dash Pack” in which limited letterbox patterns are recorded are presented as benefits.