VDimension has officially released the STEAM version of the sandbox battle simulator “ Animal REVOLT BATTLE SIMULATOR “.

This work is a battle simulator that can look at dinosaur, animals and people between humans. More than 70 types of creatures appear and a new creature is added every two weeks. In addition to real animals, you can combine body parts, install body parts and weapons, and make your own original monster freely.

Campaign mode is also available, and everywhere is placed and placed in mind, and aiming for victory. Since each unit has advantages and disadvantages, tactical ideas will be tried.

Original monsters and maps you have created yourself can share through the Steam workshop. You can also enjoy those made by other users.

“Animal REVOLT BATTLE SIMULATOR” is delivered for PC (STeam) / iOS / Android. The STEAM version can be purchased for 10% off 1,440 yen until April 23rd.