a remake that does it well

In The House of the Dead, the character we embody (a certain rogan ) moves all alone and the goal of the game is usually to tap the enemies present on the screen before they tap us in the most Pure style “Shooter on rail” Even though some passages can be delayed as for example against enemies who launch objects that can be deviated by pulling on it.

The bestiary is quite varied, mostly zombie type and one of the great qualities of the game was and is always to have localized damage. So we can destroy your arms to avoid being struck or drop a weapon, explode legs or head, but be careful, because some enemies are very good.

When we throw the game for the first time, we can be a little circumspect regarding the remake side, because it is far from tearing out the retina by its beauty or fluidity.
First of all, we say that the Switch shows its limits again, especially that we can choose to activate a performance mode that applies a certain blur to gain a little fluidity in return.
But when we compare with the period version, it puts things in their context: the graphic designers have managed to rework all the monsters and decorations from the very simple models of the original version while keeping the atmosphere of the game.

History, it’s for others

We can play in normal mode to relive the story (null, but it does not matter) of the arcade or in Horde mode that is the same thing, but adding enormously of enemies.

The House of the Dead: Remake Review
There are some different small paths according to what is done, which gives small variations possible for each party, but knowing that we finish in about 30 minutes, the motivation to replay comes rather the scoring and the rescue of scientists which allows scientists which allows to unblock the possibility of using new weapons.

The game also offers an interesting bestiary to learn more about some enemies, which is very friendly.

We can play two, which promises remonstrances when a player kills a scientist by mistake.
The music are one side chiptune that we will appreciate or not, but personally I think it contributes well to the retro atmosphere of the title.

The remake is pretty well damn and the content is consequent for the style of play, so everything is fine, right?
And not unfortunately, a problem arises on one of the most important points: playability.

But where is my gun?

The House of the Dead: Remake only proposes two types of control:
\ – Viewfinder moved on the screen via the stick.
\ – viewfinder moved by the gyroscope.

The sensitivity of the two modes is configurable, but none of the two brings satisfaction and even less the accuracy of a pistol that is holding in hand.

If the gyroscope mode could have been correct, but beyond the few recalibration worries that nevertheless resolve easily, the main problem is that each press on the shot causes the viewfinder, because the gyroscope detects a movement and seen that We spend your time shooting, it is almost impossible to keep the viewfinder in position. The game often asking for accuracy, moving via stick then becomes more precise.

disappointed to be disappointed

The Wii had given the genre to the taste of the day and has various quality shooter rail, but if it worked, it was because we had a weapon and really targeted the screen.

The House of the Dead Remake plants so on what makes the main interest of this kind of game: the pleasure of shooting.

I will probably play from time to time because the title is fun and there are some challenges to realize, but I will not spend the dozens of hours I spent on the Ghost Squad or the Umbrella Chronicles of the Wii with the Wii Zapper.

_Testé by armagnis on switch with a version provided by the publisher.