“Mundo Deportivo”: “What a disappointment! It was known that Eintracht Frankfurt would be a dangerous rival. But nobody had come to see that it would also be one of the saddest nights in the history of Camp Nou. Both what the athletic result is concerned with a much late reaction as well as the stadium was taken over by the opponent. An Eintracht, who could hardly believe what happened, was cozy through a Camp Nou, which was full of German fans, while Barcelona was Game gradient could not turn and again suffered shipwreck at European level. “

“Marca”: “Another title that escapes Barça. A great deductible did not make Xavi’s men in Camp Nou with nearly 20,000 German supporters. Eintracht Frankfurt has led Barça very much in mind that it still has a long way In front of him, in Europe, has a word in Europe. The Easter holidays came on top of that of the Azulgranas in the way, because the forces were balanced on the grandstand. Great mistakes of Barça, that there was so many rival fans in such a key game like this so many rival fans “

“AS”: “sunk at home. Barcelona played in its own stadium like a stranger and has the best option to win a title. They are not only athletic, what can happen, but even worse was the shame As a club, when the Waldstadion was from Barça Stadium, with more Germans as Catalans and the feeling of being a stranger in their own home. A historical situation in which Barcelona was the first club the round round in the opposing field. “

“Sport”: “Barça leaves Europe in a nightmare night. The clearly inferior Barça team was overwhelmed by the circumstances, although they fought until the end. The majority of the grandstands were occupied by Eintracht trailers. A painful Farewell to Europe with a team that had not grown the task on the court, but above all with a majority of Eintracht fans on the tribune, a monstrous process that needs to be thoroughly investigated. That should not be an excuse, but it is Understandable that the bluegrana from the first minute were stunned to play as guests at home. That never existed. “



“La Gazzetta dello Sport”: “What a sad out for Barça, Eintracht succeeds the direct hit. The Germans dominate and meet three times, the bluegrana show a reaction, but it is not enough. In a surreal night at Camp Nou has lost the number of Xavi 2: 3 undefeated since 15. The defeat of Barça started at the card switch. “

Great Britain

“The Times”: “Barça crashes from the Europa League, Eintracht Frankfurt succeeds a shock victory. Inspired by the incredible amount of 20,000 travelers fans, Frankfurt has fallen over the Catalans.”

“The Sun”: “Auba and Co. humiliated when the giant is falling in the Camp Nou.”

“Mirror”: “Demerative! Barcelona from the Europa League thrown in a great shock through Eintracht Frankfurt.”


“Look”: “Eintracht Coup at Camp Nou: Frankfurt throws Barça from the Europa League.”


“Kronen-Zeitung”: “Sensation! Glasner Eintracht humilizes Barcelona. Madness! Eintracht Frankfurt (…) won on Thursday at the big FC Barcelona after 3: 0 guidance at the end in the lowerforward at least 3: 2 and stands in the semifinals of the Europa League. “


“L’Équipe”: “The disillusionment of Barça. Eintracht Frankfurt has made the sensation and prevailed in the Camp Nou, which was largely adorned in white.”