When you get ventures at Lands Between in Elden Ring, there will be many useful and not so useful items that will soon fill your inventory. In addition to the important equipment that one must have to survive, there are other consumables that can make a big difference in their progress, such as Starlight Shards. If you have been asking about How to get Starlight Shards in Elden Ring and for what is used by this is what you need to know.

How to get fragments of stellar light in Elden Ring

Essentially, you will look for Starlight Shards at the half moon altars that are around Lands Between. Here are the locations we have noted that these beautiful Starlight Shards will have waiting for their collection.

Cerro Storm

Go towards the edge of the cliff southwest of Stormhill Shack, and you will find an altar on the cliff where a Starlight SHARD is located.

south of Lake Agheel

The cliff southeast of Agheel Lake South Site of Grace is another place to get a Starlight Shard. Just be careful with the many enemies surrounding the area.

Crying Peninsula

Start from the site of grace next to the chopped crater crater on the peninsula of the laments, and go south until reaching the altar.

Liurnia de los Lagos

Go to the north of Liurnia Highway North Site of Grace, and another Starlight Shard will be yours to take it.

There will be many Starlight Shards that can be collected on the ground near the Cathedral of Manus Celes. You will address you here as part of the series of Ranni missions, so stay attentive.


Located west of Caelid Highway South Site of Grace, you will find an altar with an outdoor Starlight SHARD.

There is also another SHARD STARLIGHT to collect in the area southeast of the Beastial Sanctum near the cliff.

Top of the mountain of the giants

Start from Shaded Castle Ramparts Site of Grace and head southwest towards the swamps. He turns the castle to the north and you will find an altar there with your prize.

Another Starlight Shard is located northeast of Foot of the Forge Site of Grace. Look around the cliff and be careful with the enemies that can take you off guard.

Mount Gelmir.

This is in the area where you will fight against the last fallingstar beast. You can quickly access from NINTH Mt. Gelmir Campsite Site of Grace and use the near Spirit Spring to make the jump tall to the top of the crater.

What are the stellar light fragments in Elden Ring

As a consumable, you can use Starlight Shards to recover FP gradually, however, it has a much more valuable use. Starlight Shards can be used to get Sirit Sirvis Spirit ashes, which requires the discovery of the puppet laboratory of it.

Elden Ring How To Get Amber Starlight & 3 Starlight shards Locations Fast And Easy Guide

Now that it is revealed the secret obsession of him by the puppets, she will offer to sell her Spirit Ashes invocations by Starlight Shards. Here is your selection for sale:

  • Finger maider thorionet puppet – 2 fragments of stellar light
  • Puppet Jarwight – 3 fragments of stellar light
  • Dolores, the dormant arrow puppet: 5 fragments of stellar light, only available if you are given the potion of Selvis to Nepheli Loux and interacts with her puppet in the laboratory.
  • Manure dining puppet: 5 fragments of stellar light, only available if you are given the survey potion to manure devourer and interacts with her puppet in the laboratory.

That’s all you have to do when it comes to learning about ** How to get Starlight Shards in Elden Ring and what are used * *. Be sure to see also our Wiki guide for more important details about the game, including the details about weapons updates, all the statistics explained and how to beat Malenia, Blade of Miquella.

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