With each new generation, console manufacturers such as Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft appropriate controllers, which are to be able to operate as pleasant as possible. Of course, the question arises, which controller was over all the years the best of all.

Exactly this question have now examined the organizers of the BAFTA award and have different controllers to compete in a tournament tree. The community was able to give her voices and decide who should be the best controller of all time. It turns out that, above all, a controller manufacturer among the fans is particularly popular.

PS5 dualsense has the nose in front

Who is the winner of the tournament? In the final, the DUIGSSENSE controller of the PS5 and the DualShock controller of the PS2 occurred against each other. Here technique hit the retro flair and the PS5 controller could win the victory for himself:

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In the quarter-finals, two popular controllers from Nintendo were represented: the Gamecube Controller and the SNES controller. Diverse other controllers of XBox, Sega Mega Drive or Dreamcast unfortunately could not win many fan voices for themselves.

However, some fans do not understand why the popular elite controller had to give against the PS2 controller and make their displeasure air. In the commenting column, a few users argue that the evaluation criterion evolution / revolution or the joystick drift came to wear.

What can the dualSense controller? The PS5 dualSense controller impresses with its adaptive triggers, which are supposed to provide for an everlose sense of feeling. In addition, the controller can convince with technical features such as improved vibration, a built-in microphone and an improved input data for many fans.

The DualSense Controller is now available in other, chic colors:

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Advertising drum for Bafta awards

What are the BAFTA Awards? The best video games of the year are named the BAFTA Awards. The event is aligned by the British Academy Video Games Awards. For award ceremony, nominated games in various categories arrive against each other and wind around the coveted prices.

When will the next BAFTA awards take place? The survey should probably stir something the advertising drum for this year’s event, because the Bafta awards will be awarded this year on 7 April 2022.

In addition to the BAFTA awards, there are other events such as the Game Awards, which usually take place towards the end of the year. But only the BAFTA awards take place in the spring and honor the games of last year.

Which controller would you have seen on the winning podium?