Once again, PlayStation servers are causing headaches to all players who want to experience the legacy of the brand. Recently, An error was discovered that makes unpacked diverse classic games through PS3 and PS Vita, such as Chrono Cross .

According to Kotaku, several users have begun reporting inconveniences when trying to re-download and play some classic Titles from PS1 through PS3. The problem in question arises when checking the expiration of the software, since many have changed their date to various months of 1969, something that is simply impossible. It is so access to these experiences has been impossible during the last days.

Together with chrono cross, it has also been pointed out that titles such as Rune Factory Oceans, Gex: Enter The Gecko Final Fantasy Vi, and other Square Enix titles, suffer from the same problem. As if that were not enough, Two Vita subnetdit shared the same story , with users who affirm that all their digital game library remained affected even after trying solutions such as subscribing to PlayStation Plus and reset their factory system.

Although many could blame Square Enix, considering that most affected games are from this company, Kotaku has mentioned that this problem can be a consequence of a glitch as Unix Epoch, which may be establishing the dates by default The expiration of the playstation game license at UNIX , essentially telling them that they can not be played after midnight on January 1, 1970.

At the moment there is no official response from PlayStation. Considering that the new PS Plus will give access to hundreds of classic PS1, PS2 and PS3 games, many have pointed out that this is not a good augury for the changes That they will arrive in June. We only have to wait for the company to manage to solve this problem.

On related topics, Sony invests a billion dollars in Epic Games. Similarly, the new PS Plus will not attract more subscribers, an analyst says.

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Editor’s note :

Once again, the preservation of video games becomes a delicate theme. While digitization offers a way to preserve certain experiences for longer, and makes the distribution simpler, this type of case make it clear that not everything is perfect.