Webzen Labor Union ‘Webnetics (WITH “resolved the strike. As a result of the voting of the 32-day strike in the 10th, the Web Jinsde branch said, as a result of the vote of the strike,

Solve? Resolve? Dissolve?

If the striking proceeds, it becomes the first example of the game industry. This situation is why the first king scholarship after Webzen union formation is crowded. Webzen has been awarded the wages since December last year, but he was not finalized. Since then, the union applied for coordination of wages to the Gyeonggi Provincial Labor Committee this year. However, both sides did not narrow the difference. The union held the first rally on April 5th. The aim of rallies was the first anniversary of the establishment of the union and the representative director directly to the direct dialogue.

Wiching schools pre-unions have requested the average amount of the 5th most 4 years and the ratio of the number of patients with a team leader to the company. However, the company has provided only the average rising ratio of the last four years.

Since then, the union required the company to share incentive capacity of the company’s incentive amount, more than 10 million won for the company, The company did not accept union proposal, and ‘the average annual rate increase rate of 2022 is 10%.

Webgent was formed when the game was released in the game industry salary in the last 2021. When other game users announced an impression of 8 million won for salary, Webzen announced that the ‘salary + incentive’ has been raised by an average of 2 million won. “But the results were different from external announcements”. “From this time, Webzen employees have questioned,” he said. If I received a 5 million won, Who had a million won, “

The union argues that there is enough room for the company, even though the worker does not pay enough compensation.

According to Webzen Business Report, Webzen sales increased by 68.5% YoY, and operating profit increased by 78.7% YoY and W104.6bn. Last year, Webzen sales declined 0.5% YoY, 286.3 billion won, operating profit declined 2.3% to W107.1bn. Net profit has steadily increased since 2019. Company cash increased by 34.8% to W64.9bn in 2020 and 87.5 billion won in 2021.

“The 10% presented by the company,” said the 10% of the company, “said,” The company said that “the company has continuously contacted unions through a personnel team,” did. “The company has recently recorded its own sales since the recent second generation Candida,” said the ability to pay, “said,

“I am still going on a step,” I am going to take a system and schedule through simulation of optimal issues in accordance with the various staff of the union. “

“I can not know how to be a case,” which is the first case, “I do not know how to do it to the first case,” especially because it is a website, especially because there is a person in subsidiary work in addition to live service and publishing, etc., I expected it. “

Webzen game users will try to solve the issue of the issue, and try to release them through conversation so that they are available, as possible, and to avoid damage to game services, companies and employees. “

“The company,” said the company, “he wants to actively show off the upgraded query”.

“We will do our best to do this to the game service or new development,” Webzen.