[INTERNATIONAL) Announced Nexon (Representative Lee Jung-hyun) announced on the 11th that it has signed a new “Cablo Takeshi” and “Project G” in the Supercat RPG (Representative Kim Young).

The victory is a casual large-scale multi-central role in a casual large-scale multi-neoplastic role in developing a Japanese famous intellectual property ‘Creek Family Knowledge Property’ Creek Feet ‘.

The original was loved in the 1990s as a combat with unique dot graphics and speed. Super Cat provides a rich content to enjoy the character and world view of the character and world view as well as the original main character, ‘Atasso’, Linx, ‘Sumashghu’, as well as the original main character.

Project G is scheduled to collaborate with Nexon and Supercat RPG to large MMORPG.

Nexon will acquire the Korea and Global Services Requirements of the Project G for this contract, and expand the new margin of MMORPG genre and strengthen the lineup.

The new octopus is pog city (Super Auto Pets)

Kim Young-soo Supercat RPG representative is “I am very pleased to be able to collaborate with Nexon through this publishing agreement,” said Kim Young, “I am very pleased to be able to collaborate with Nexon,” said Kim Young. ” Both of the new work, “I will do our best to provide better service.”

Lee Jung Heon said, “The reborne and large MMORPG project G, which was a great popular MMORPG project, which was popular in the 1990s,” said, “Nexon’s abundant publishing capabilities and Supercat RPG’s unique technology meet and supercat RPG I announced that I will show you a game. “

Meanwhile, Nexon executed a strategic investment in January 2018 Supercat. Established in 2016, Super Cat is a developer with strengths on multiplayer game development based on dots (2D pixel) graphics.

Mobile MMORPG ‘The country of the wind, which is jointly developed with Nexon, is a representative game, and has released a mobile game such as’ turning’, Super Cat established a subsidiary “Supercat RPG” that develops Mobile RPG on April 5th.