FC Schalke 04 Goalkeepers Training
Players like Simon Terodde, who also met at the 3-0 against Heidenheim, or Ko Itkura, who had previously achieved one of the most beautiful Schalke at the same time, belonged even under coach Dimitrios Grammozis to the pillars of the S04 squad completely grades in the summer. Striking, however, is that the coach change for a power boost in which one or the other player has taken care of who had previously had difficulty with his development.

Drexler advanced to the “player of the day”

A prime example is Dominick Drexler. The coach exchange was barely done, the ex-Kölner lit the Turbo. Against Ingolstadt he scored the gateway to the 3-0 final score, at 2: 1 against Dynamo Dresden he was significantly involved in both hits, and the 1st FC Heidenheim crowned the Schalke especially because Drexler first headed the 1-0 and After the side change played the passport that led to Iturza 2: 0. The 31-year-old advanced with the Simon Terodde note 1.5 to the “player of the day” in the 2nd league.

That the positive earnings trend as well as the power boost of individuals are significantly related to the coach change, Drexler does not see. The offensive player aims to the system adaptation (four-instead of triple chain and changed arrangement in the midfield), if he says, “We have made a few important changes. We are variable and have a different mixture in the square. It is sometimes in the course Soccer.”

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