During our journey through the intermediate country of Elden Ring we collect card fragments and ceilings gradually the areas. The map is not only huge, but also extremely pretty in the game. You still need a few additional information? You want to know where all the graces are or is looking for certain items and NPCs? No problem.

High resolution card with all Graces

It’s about it: On Reddit a fan has shared a really cool version of the map of the intermediate country. What is so great about it? First, the MAP has a resolution of 6509×6809. In addition, all places of grace are to be seen in English: Graces. If you are still at the very beginning and first orient you, but do not want to spoil the whole map right now, we recommend this article:

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Elden Ring: The main places on the map to the start



Here you can admire the picture yourself:

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All regions at a glance: Here we show you again the individual major regions, so Limgrave , Liurnia , Caelid , the Altus plateau and the * Summit of the Giant separately – including your subregions, is understood. In addition, the secret area Miquellas Haligbaum and the decoupled, but smaller area decaying Farum Azula *.


Limgrave Liurnia Caelid Altus Plateau mountain peak of giant decaying Farum Azula Miquellas Haligbaum


Items or NPC sought?

If only the GRACES are too little, because you are looking for specific objects or NPCs or just want to clear as possible in the Zwischenland, you will find a very complete map at MapGenie.io.

On this card symbols are registered for a variety of things and it is also possible to search for specific things. That can be very useful. However, of course, it also has its charm to explore the intermediate country alone and to make my own discoveries. But you also need the time.

Take your overview maps like this to help or do you rather explore everything alone?