Rockstar Games has been holding his money printing machine for more than 8 years now with the name GTA online. Since then, numerous content updates have appeared that make the game even more extensive and more complex. Nevertheless, the huge studio still did not manage to eliminate one of my biggest criticisms: the endless loading times.

GTA Online: And it charges and loads and…

_ “Bock on a fast round GTA online?” _, No GTA player ever said. The reason is obvious: in the time I need to start the game together with my buddy, switch to online mode and then land in a common lobby, I already have the first half in FIFA to me.

Because although Rockstar Games deserves a golden nose with GTA online, no single cent seems to have been invested in the reduction of the loading times or the server infrastructure. Even with faster NVME SSD, the game invites you to a wolf and likes to have two minutes to spend myself in an online lobby.

Assuming that I ever land there. Because still it happens at regular intervals that an “online communication error” occurs and * I would therefore be back in the story mode of GTA 5 **. There I can then repeat the procedure, while sending a spell towards server god, pressing thumbs up and looking in panic to my rabbit paw to increase the chances for a successful lobby accession.

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GTA Online: Server Chaos in Rockstars Money Pressure Machine

But that’s only half the rent! Because instead of putting me directly into the game world of my buddy, I land on a completely different server. So in the menu, select “join friends” and watch again how the charging symbol turns to infinity. If everything is running smoothly, I have the Charging Tortur then finally behind me. But that’s not always the case.

It often happens that an error message let me know that accession to this lobby is not possible because it is full. I could also respect that if it really would be – but it is almost always an infamous lie . Because in most cases my buddy assures me that there are several places free in his lobby. What should that please, rock star?

Then the game throws me in another lobby, which incidentally is again connected to a charging time. Only now can I dare a new attempt while my buddy and I slowly lose patience and mind **.

_Lange loading times must finally belong to GTA 6. But that’s not the only set screw on which Rockstar should turn to the successor: _

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The loading times make GTA online broken

And that’s damn annoying! Because if we can do it, to complete this spitting race, my buddy and I usually fucked a lot of fun in the online world of Los Santos – even after 8 years. We penetrate unrest in the city, starting turned experiments or delivering us small races that end shortly after starting in the guardrail. It is wonderful!

Nevertheless, we always think twice if we are now trying to start GTA online, or yet rather play another online game whose matchmaking is not completely in the bucket.

So rock star! If you want to do a big favor to me, my buddy and the entire GTA online community, finally take a ordinary batzen money in the hand and brings your servers and matchmaking to the front man. Because among us, such problems in an AAA game of this magnitude are just embarrassing.