From Qookka Entertainment Limited, the official program “Fujimori Shingo Fujimori is the Oriento world from 20:00 on the previous day, ahead of the release of fantastic RPG” Orient Arcadia “for smartphone, which is started on April 9, 2022. “Orient Arcadia” Release Memorial Live Delivery “was decided.

# Shingo Fujimori is abducted by the other world!

The comedy Combi Oriental Radio Shingo Fujimori is abducted in the world of “Orient Arcadia”! The world where Mr. Fujimori has visited the world that the luxurious voice actors played by the sweet time with Was Take God.

In addition to Mr. Fujimori, MC’s Hundred Flower Rebellion, Masaki Imai, Aoi Masaki, Hakata Sato, Mr. Hisaka, Mc, also appeared. In addition, celebration messages from Yamamoto Maika are also! Sorry, do not miss this valuable opportunity if any content is developed on the program!!

■ Program information

Program name: Shingo Fujimori intrudes to the Oriento world? ! “Orient Arcadia” Release Memorial Official Live Delivery
Delivery date: April 8 (Fri) Night 20:00 to 22:00
Performer: Hundred Flower Rebellion (MC), Shingo Fujimori, Imai Asami, Hakusa Ai, Hidaka Satisa

# Twitter campaign that can be received by the signed iPhone and Acrylic Stand!

Meet the live delivery this time, and it is decided that two Twitter campaigns will be held! Don’t forget to join the following.

In addition to delivering, the official Twitter account is held, and an illustration contest by a painter is also carried out, and a festival mood is full. Anyway, let’s first do not forget to follow the official Twitter account.

▼ Official Twitter

# # Treasure campaign

Holding time: April 8 (Fri) at night 18:00
The winning is announced during the raw shipment!

  • Check the official Twitter for participation.

# # Winner forecasting Campaign

Predict the winner and get a guest sign with a gest sign! Results will be announced during live delivery!
* Check the official Twitter for participation.

# Delivery starts tomorrow! Topical fantasy RPG “Orient Arcadia”

The Qookka Entertainment Limited is in charge of development and management. Mr. Atsushi, who worked on the “Final Fantasy” series and “Saga” series, participated as an Art Advisor. In addition, Mr. Tetsuya Shibata who worked on the “Monster Hunter” and “Biohazard” series is a music producer, and the fantasy RPG “Orient Arcadia” is finally in April 2022, even though the luxurious creators are participating Delivery started from the 9th.

Here, let’s introduce the game content a little.

# # Let’s go out to the Oriental Adventure to save the world

In the early days of the old age, Black Dragon and White Dragon have created a vast mysterious Toho continent through a competition over thousands of years.
Nine relics with powerful power appear on the continent, and their power is said to be as much as possible.
Back of the battle over the art, Black Dragon contemplates conspiracy. Orient Arcadia will fall into darkness again?
Now there is only a need to save the world.

And you are from different worldwide, but only one of the leiters but also one of them.
Then a long trip to find the remaining relics. You will experience the enemy’s trap, experience a mysterious event, so it’s a reason that came to another world little by little.

But this is not a single adventure.
You can get a mysterious oriental girl, and you can be a panda your spirit beast.
Furthermore, friends who have the same contribution are also waiting for you at the other way. They can use various weapons such as,, and tang umbrella, and they have a special skill and manipulate the weather. From your cooperation, they wake up more power and challenge the strong enemy together!
All heroes can grow to UR. Your party will eventually be organized at the strongest party, and the hero will fight together until the end!

Come on, go to the adventure in the Oriental!

# # All heroes are raised to the highest rerity!

In “Orient Arcadia”, all the heroes available in the game can reach the highest rarity. It is up to you to strengthen any character.

# # A battle with an acceleration assistant is also crispy!

It is one of the features of this work to adopt an unpredatable system. It is possible to take over the experience and equipment of the hero as it is. The acceleration assistant “Akabe” is also available, and it is one of the attractions where you can enjoy the crisp battle.

# # Hero’s organization is free

In order to fight the enemy that dips the dark, heroes who named the history are out. The bond between heroes who exceeded the camp will be born! Let’s fight with strong enemies that appear one after another by making full use of various strategies and teams.

# # Deepen your guidance character and bond!

It is also the point of “Orient Arcadia” that can be strengthened by knowing the character and characteristics of your favorite hero. The heroes who meet on a journey are also prepared for each individual scenario. Find your favorite heroes and go out on the adventure together, and sometimes I would like to find the individuality that usually noticed.

# # A story spinning a luxurious hero and a luxurious voice actor! (Fifty sinks, respects)

Abina, Ishikari, Ishikari, Koji Ishida, Ishida, Imai, Irie Nijima, Ayuki Irie, Aoi Owan, Hirakai, Hirozuki, Hiroshi Kawada, Yuko Kawada, Yuko Kawada, Kitomi, Kurasa Minami, Koishiya Ami, Sakai Sakai, Sakura Sakai, Sakurai, Takahiro Sakurai, Tomoko Sugita, Tomoko Sugita, Hiroshi Tashima, Hiroshi Tashima, Hiroshi Toshima, Hiroshi Tora Nakamura Tatsumi, Nakabiko Hanako, Hanazawa, Historical Historic, Hayaku Hidaka, Horio Horiuchi, Keita Maeda, Matsuoka Yuya, Miyase Yuya

# # Participating Creators

◆ “Orient Arcadia” Art Deals
Mr. Hideaki
Representative work
Final Fantasy Series
“Sengoku IXA” series

◆ “Orient Arcadia” Music Producer
Mr. Tetsuya Shibata
Representative work
“Monster Hunter” Series
“Devil May Cry Circuit” Series
“Final Fantasy XV” Series

Mr. Ayano Aoki
Representative work
“Final Fantasy XV”
“Breath of Fire Series”
“Rockman Exe”

# App Overview

Title: Orient Arcadia
Genre: fantasy RPG
Supported os; ios, Android
Released: April 9, 2022
Official Discord: https: //
Official site:
Official Twitter: https: //
For the official Twitter account, a countdown event just before delivery will be held. It is exciting in the illustration contest that blessed “Orika” by many artists. Details are in the official Twitter account.

● Pre-registration is here

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