The Dallas Mavericks have spaced another victory in the fight for third in the West. The Brooklyn Nets Siegen – despite a very weak first half. The Boston Celtics set another exclamation mark.

Detroit Pistons (23-57) – Dallas Mavericks (50-30) 113: 131 (Boxscore)

  • It was the most unpleasant task for the MAVs against a Detroit team, which had recently won three games in a bit. The pistons had only one big one with Isaiah Stewart (19, 3/3 threesome, 13 rebounds), but beat long Wacker. Luka Doncic scratched with 26 points (8/21), 8 rebounds and 14 assists on a triple double, but had to work very hard.
  • The Slovene also posted 6 turnover and eventually gave up the Mismatch Hunting against Stewart, who hit grandiose in these situations. With Jalen Brunson (24, 9/15) Doncic also had enough support, the Guard helped mainly in the third quarter, when the guests had a little worn for the first time.
  • Dallas scored 34 points at 82 percent from the field (14/17 FG) in this section. However, 5 turnover prevented a higher leadership (+13), also because Cade Cunningham (25, 7/19, 9 assists) Doncic could be annoyed in one-counter-one and also put his stamp in the attack to the game. 11 free throws were also a best value for the top pick from the draft of 2021.
  • In the fourth quarter, the MAVs still burned nothing more. Davis Bertan (9) net three triples in a row, also Josh Green (12) delivered plays. At the end, six guest players scored two-digit, the other three regular rotary players ever achieved 9 meters. Doncic had some time to conjure up her head with this no-look pass. Maxi glue lacked again because of ankle problems.
  • By victory, the MAVs push past Golden State in third place. The Warriors can change this morning again when you receive the Los Angeles Lakers in the Chase Center.

New York Knicks (35-45) – Brooklyn Nets (42-38) 98: 110 (Boxscore)

  • That was nothing of the Nets for a long time, but in the middle of the third quarter, the men of Steve Nash decided, but again to start an attack on Seventh place in the East. With a 25: 4 run, the guests catapulted in the Subway Series back to the game and were then able to rely on the closing qualities of Kevin Durant.
  • The forward did not just score 13 of its 32 points (including 10 rebounds, 11 assists) in the fourth neighborhood, but also spent most of the time as a Small Ball Center. 3 blocks were noted in the boxscore, added numerous defended throws. The knicks, once with 21 points in front, achieved only 30 points after the break.
  • In general, the hosts have not succeeded in the last 7:10 minutes not a single Field Goal anymore, the Nets ended the game with another 18: 3 run. Patty Mills (15) met four of his five threes in the final portion, Kyrie Irving scored 24 points and 7 assists. Seth curry (15, 5/10) came back after two games pause.
  • At the knicks, Alec Burks was with 24 meter (7/14) of the most diligent point collectors, while at R.J. Barrett (23, 7/27 FG, 7/12 FT, 7 Assists) Let’s leaving the efficiency to be desired. Obi Toppins (19, 7/13) Performance in the absence of Julius Randle, however, once again made courage.

Atlanta Hawks (42-38) – Washington Wizards (35-45) 118: 103 (Boxscore)

  • The Atlanta Hawks also did their homework, but they also had some difficulties with the already eliminated Wizards. In the end it was once more Trae Young, who led his colors to victory. 30 points (8/17 FG, 11/12 FT), 11 assists and plus minus from +28 were recorded for the All-Star Guard of the Hawks.
  • Young was also the one who set the points on victory at the end of the third quarter. Within 126 seconds, the Guard achieved 14 counters at the piece for the hosts, Washington made six free throws, two deep threes and a successful drive in the same period, and a successful drive, the Hawks had a double-digit leadership.
  • The wizards kept along with good shot. Kristaps Porzingis put a strong double-double with 26 points (8/16 FG) and 18 rebounds, this time also fell the threesome (4/8) for the Letten. The guests met a lot from the middle distance, in addition to the unicorn Ish Smith (9, 6 Assists) was highlighted here.
  • Atlanta left nothing more in the final section, next to Young was also Danilo Gallinari (26, 11/19, 10 Rebounds) a hot hand. The same hit Bogdan Bogdanovic (18, 6/9 threesome), the Serbe seems to be well in the rhythm shortly before the playoffs.

Nets @ Knicks | NBA on ESPN Live Scoreboard

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