Fellow Traveler announced on April 5th, RPG “ CITIZEN SLEEPER ” on May 5th in Local Time. The corresponding platform is PC / MAC (STeam) and Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S / Nintendo Switch. This work is also provided to Xbox Games Pass.

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“Citizen Sleeper” is a Story-oriented RPG, a space station located in the capitalist society, and ERLIN’S EYE. As of 2021, it was announced as “Project Sidereal”. The player is Sleeper, which is the presence of human consciousness digitizing human awareness into artificial body. The presence is an entity of a company called Essen-ARP. Therefore, the player must be able to make a life while escaping the Essen-ARP championship to recover themselves as well.

Erlin’s Eye is a place where the idealists launched in a star system that companies collapsed and crisis. The various powers of the alliance and collection of the affiliation of the affiliation of the affiliation and the collection are focused and aimed at freedom from the control of the company. As a dirty chaos, the player builds his own life in a disordered society.

The player will wake up every time the cycle starts and decides what to do on that day. The player’s action is determined by the dice. We shake dice for each cycle, and assign the result of the result to a number of actions. What do you do and the other party will affect the life of the player and the people around the people, and eventually decide the future of the station. In addition, a system called clock is adopted in this work. The clock is that the action of the resident of the player and the station is recorded. There seems to be not only actions, but also the impact of actions on the world are also recorded.

As a specific content of activities, players can work in the Space Port, insert shifting at the work of the bar, and encourage work. Alternatively, you can look for rare parts in the market, or eat a lives in a stall or a life of off. Various characters live at the station. There are only people living in Erlin’s Eye, such as a collectionman, engineer, hacker, bartender, merchant of stalls, and ERLIN’S EYE. It is up to the player to decide who to help me. Along with the residents, it ties, if you break the alliance, unbit the truth and run away from the chair. Repeat these cycles and learn how to survive and get successful someday.

Also, the player can access the space station’s cloud. From decades of decades, new areas can be found or secrets can be unlocked. Players are such unique ability and it is likely to change the future. Explore corporate secret, loose AI, lost data, etc., and explore the training of the station’s network.

In “Citizen Sleeper”, a system called DRIVE is adopted instead of a quest. By Drive, the player can choose the important story and action for me. In the process, five skills (ENGINEER, Interface, Intuit, Endure, Engage) are formed. In addition, park and bonus are unlocked. A series of systems reflect and change the way of life of the player in the game.

“CITIZEN SLEEEPER” is scheduled to be released on May 5 for PC / MAC (STeam) and Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S / Nintendo Switch. Publisher’s Fellow Traveler is also sending a lot of Japanese development works in collaboration with domestic companies, so the domestic development of “Citizen Sleeper” console version is also expected.