The team of the pharaohs takes more than a year in the mouth of the Latin fanaticade, from its ascent on 2020 leaving champions of the Mexican Regional defeating its current rival of the Latin American League Final, Team Aze. The estate team was born in 2019 from the hand of Gerardo “Jerry” González with the dream of becoming consolidated as a large project.

During 2021 A non-favorable performance was talked about the team of Pharaoh due to the bad shares that were initiated in the opening tournament, with several complications managed to get a fifth place, led at that time by Carlos “Fallen” Calderón, who despite his effort did not achieve the expected result.

For the closing tournament, the situation was rethought with the arrival of Seong “Reven” Sang-Hyeon as a coach of the squad, taking the reins of the competition to improve the possibilities of the team by changing the game mentality managed to do little at the beginning of the Competition, after a few weeks would arrive GRELL As a jungle of the team giving very positive results until reaching the final losing 3-2 against Infinity.

During 2022 they would keep the team players in their end with the exception of Reven who would leave the team lead in the hands of Yang “Yang” Gwan-Pyo Korean coach with great experience in teams like detonation FM and Afreeca Freecs , Putting new strategies and pointing to greatness in this split.

At the top of the map, we have a veteran who has been competing at a professional level more than 8 years, we talked about Emanuel “Acce” Juarez who already has international experience having been part of Rainbow 7, the Argentine player mentions ” I feel very comfortable with my level, the fact of having faced 3 Korean players in the league made it improve as Top Lanner “.

With one of the most complicated roles we have Jesus “Grell” Loyola, a young Mexican who has played on teams like I live Keyd and All Knights, reaching the ranks of the pharaohs and giving a different air has proven to be a key piece during the items, with great communication and companionship, as well as having worked with ACCE and Leza has allowed the development of this player for good.

The Middle Zone is dominated by Francisco “Leza” Jara, a Mexican provenance player who has participated in R7 and DASH9, showing a pretty good level of play and that with the passage of years the experience has Done that the player will improve in several aspects, participating in his second final, he told us “I feel better at this time compared to the end of the year and I am happy to play this final.”

The Korean durate that is feared in the league

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We know that imports are a popular resource for Latam teams, such is the case of Ju “Bvoy” Yeong-Hoon who since their arrival in the continent to play with Flamengo Esports, was a promise within the region, at the time of entering In the ranks of the pharaohs he changed his style of play and consolidated as one of the best league shooters creating a considerable teamwork with mia.

Accompanying and being the guardian of the stral players we have Choi “Mia” Sang-in, Korean support that already has international experience when playing with KT Roster, an aggressive style that punishes the minimum error of any rival team has been the basis Of many of the plays we saw throughout the competition.

Undoubtedly, many of the people who enjoy the competitive world of League of Legends in Latin America have seen the growth of estrique , being a favorite in many of the games now faces Team Aze At the final of the league, in a series at the best of 5 that will be held at Flow Gamergy in Argentina the next April 16, 2022,