Baseball is a magical sport for people in Europe. Not because it is incredible, but because it is something mythological in the style of the dragons. It is part of the collective conscious thanks to movies, series and others, but possibly not 1% of the population has practiced or seen live. We all immerse ourselves in what counts the story of Brad Pitt at MoneyBall , or we know that going to spend the afternoon and eat a puppy is a ritual for every American that is precipated.

I have an acquaintance that says that the maximum cultural expression of today is sport , because except for occasions such as very powerful series or films, are athletes and their feathers who create narratives that unite very distant peoples with each other. United States knows and, after making the NBA one of the best-known competitions on the planet and Michael Jordan one of the most mythological beings, takes some time trying that those who really are his two star sports at a cultural level, Enter the global sphere. I mean, of course it is soccer American and Baseball .

Movies and series are a good way to do it, but perhaps the second most important cultural expression behind sports are now video games. A few months ago, with Madden 22, I already managed to engage in the sport, and now I was anxious to try MLB The Show 22 to try to fond at him… Since at least there’s the team of my beloved Atlanta that has won the qualification.

Sport more “game”

Of course it’s not my first baseball game. As a good child born at the beginning of the 90s, I lived with the recreationals of the bars and the neo-geo… and, of course, I played baseball stars 2 . This title had everything for his rules to stay embedded in the brain: the three Strikes, the imaginary box for which the ball has to be passed or even the caught in the base robbery.

Because I spent hours and hours with that title, which in essence was a challenge of reflections when it comes to giving a button it is just that, that there is nothing more video game than a mechanics like that. Like Madden, if we take it to the extreme and we skipped the tactic, here The thing is playing a key at the right time **.

Of course I expected to find this at MLB The Show 22, but it also considered that this could be the perfect opportunity to really immerse myself in the Baseball culture and not on Substitutes Cartoon or Hollywood stories. And just that’s what I found.

Show to Slow Gaming

I started playing MLB The Show, and after a very interesting intro about the cover athlete, I wanted to start by race mode. My idea was to role the PGA Tour style, and create a past weight lord without more skill than all the power of the world. Maybe it was not always going to hit the ball, but I wanted it every time I did, take it out from the stadium.

Used to the tinsel, cinematic and the ostentation of the NBA 2K career modes or even Madden, I expected something similar for the story of my character. But the first thing that throws you to the face the game is a podcast … Yes, a conversation between a presenter and a scoring that talks about how is to be a name in this sport and what it takes even to compete In the big leagues. In the NBA a high pick of the draft is an undisputed title of the team; In baseball he will have to play and dominate in the minor leagues. Everything takes the process of him.

I did not consider an audacity to delete the kinematics that both imperate in this kind of experiences in which we create to the next star of sport. It was a declaration of intentions that spoke of what is baseball is. There is more baseball in those puppies, in that child playing in the garden from behind the house of him or in a Amateur party, which in the World Series. and MLB 22 wants to be the show, but also really transmit what this sport is.

I WAS DRAFTED #1 OVERALL!! MLB The Show 22 Road To The Show #1
When I had a few hours playing and improving the character, I realized that MLB The Show 22 could be a game that could be encompassed within the slow gaming, or “slow game” in Spanish. For those who do not know, it is a genre that explores things as opposed to the current tendencies of the video game such as introspection, calm or directly boredom.

An example of this would be the simulators as Euro Truck Simulator , the walking simulator as Dear Esther , the puzzle titles The Witness , or even the popular Animal Crossing . The progression goes to a background, and enjoying a paused rhythm that makes you enter a trance of relaxation is the reward.

It is not that MLB the Show is a contemplative title, but going to practice the training camp and try to improve the ball hit while a fine rain falls is most relaxed that I have been able to play for a long time.
And best of all, that has made me understand why the success of baseball, not already as a professional sport, but as a cultural pillar of the always frantic United States.