It seems that part of Hollywood is already tired of listening about Will Smith . A week from the Incident in the Óscar, much has been talked about this case. Most actors have expressed their discontent with slap, while others simply do not want to talk about this topic. One of these people is Mel Gibson, who sharply cut an interview not to talk about the infamous slap.

Mel Gibson Interview Awkwardly Stops After Question About Will Smith, Chris Rock

Recently, Gibson, movie star as a deadly weapon, was interviewed by Fox News about the next premiere of the film FATHER STU, which is starring this actor. Although the conversation with the journalist of this television network began in a very traditional way, The last question was related to Will Smith’s incident. When he heard these words, Gibson was uncomfortable, and asked to finish the talk without even reply.

While some people can criticize Gibson for being discounted with the interviewer, the truth is that The question about Smith was out of place , and I did not have to do with the talk related to father stu. in this way, One of the attendees of the video call took control, and simply said goodbye.

On related topics, Netflix suspends the production of a Will Smith movie. In the same way, the actor has resigned the Academy.

Editor’s note:

Considering that Mel Gibson has had an even more complicated story with the Hollywood world, it is likely that the actor simply evaded the question to get himself into trouble. However, there is also the possibility that, like many, the actor is already tired of talking about this topic.