The other day, the official release date is a violence that the day is determined on April 20, the Violence Usage “ Postal 4: No Regerts “, Developer Running With Scissors is an early access version version 0.9 update for a formal release We carried out “ We’re Leaving Early Access Soon! “.

In this update, a new element that can be used in the formal release version is first implemented. Original voice actor Rick Hunter and “Postal III” version of Corey Cruise, Corey Cruise’s voice pack, Grapple points hooked in Chain Sickle, the tactile of the dog, the steerable sniper rifle, clothing and weapon ammunition including clothing and weapon ammunition A large number of major changes have been made such as challenges, collected challenges, collected challenges, collectors, and police behavior, and dogs riding a scooter. Please check the detailed patch note in the STEAM community.

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Running with scissors “probably unstable in 1.0,” also transmitted to evolve the game over this preliminary month or several years. “Postal 4: No Regerts” is distributed at 4,100 yen / 39.99 dollars at steam / is 20% off-sales.